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Back to blog - Ability on Wheels - Enabling Drivability

Ability on Wheels - Enabling Drivability

 Ability on Wheels - Enabling Drivability

In coversation with the author of the book Mr Harish Kumar, initiator of an NGO Ability on Wheels Charitable Trust which provides mobility services & solutions to people with disabilities. (, who wishes to introduce himself as a differently abled person with a passion for driving and he has owned 2 National Records in Limca Book of Records. You can know more about him on

What inspired you to write this book?

A Lady Doctor (physically challenged) called me up from Vizag. RTO was not sure how she would be able to drive & hence was not issuing a license to her. I had a word with him & the matter was sorted out.

An officer from Indian Railways was running from pillar to post trying to figure out a solution on how to drive & was not aware of how to get a license. I gave him the related documents with the help of which he is now driving his own car with a valid driving license.

Many such incidents made me conclude that there is nowhere people with disabilities can get a complete information on all the aspects related to driving, getting a license & owning a vehicle.

Similar situation was there on the other side of the table (RTO). Mostly these officers were half aware of the problems, solutions, guidelines & acts due to which people with disabilities were suffering

I felt there’s a need to create & compile A to Z of “Disability & Driving” & ensure that not only people with disabilities but abled people & government officials also get complete information on the subject

- What will be your targeted audience?

People with disabilities Government officials in Transport Ministry, Skill Development Ministry & Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

RTO officers across the country

Educational Institutes


- Brief about the book (What content is going to be there in this book?)

1. Everything you always wanted to know about Disability & Driving

2. Highly motivational stories of 6 people who had to struggle a lot to fulfill their dream of driving


- How one can buy this book?

One should have to pre book it but it will be launched on Amazone from 30th of this month.

- Can u share something about the publication house?

Soniya Kapoor, the founder of Artson Publishing House has been a great help in this project. From editing to marketing to cover design, Soniya is personally involved in everything. Now, they are also doing a Crowd Funding campaign to take this project to the next level. Here is the link of the project:


- How this book can be motivational to others?

1. The stories of 6 brave hearts are very inspiring

2. The amount of hardships every person with disabilities has to go through to fulfill his dream of driving has been covered in depth in the book. When people will become aware of these facts they will have more respect for such people when they see them driving 


Publised On: Sep 22, 2016

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