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Anita Tejwani

 - Name

Ms Anita Tejwani

- Education

Bachelor's Of Science- Mathematics

- Work Profile

Founder & CEO- Wings To Wills

- Married/Unmarried


- Name of your Venture

Wings To Wills

- Tell me something about your Venture

Wings To Wills is an offbeat branding venture that aims to provide cost effective and long lasting branding services to emerging individuals in various fields. The vision of Wings To Wills is to make every individual's efforts count by making you stand out of the crowd. At Wings To Wills we don’t just train individuals to carry their image but actually work on crafting the best story of their life by connecting them to the great untouched opportunities in their field which can make them stand up and out.

- From when you have started

The base and research work on Wings To Wills started in October 2015 while the operations took place from 7th January 2016

- Family Support

Being born and brought up in a 3-tier city- Kutch in Gujarat, it was nearly impossible to dream big and get support for doing all the crazy stuff an entrepreneurial mind can think of. There came even more restrictions of time, society, making career choices etc. but as I believe, entrepreneurs are "jugaadu", they are born to make things happen and I was born to do the different. Hence, I learned to master the art of grabbing opportunities and getting the best out of it in the shortest span of time and learning quick. From learning to speak over radio to becoming an RJ at ALL India Radio, from writing poetry to authoring books, from taking inspiration for hundreds of real inspiring people in 26 countries to giving motivational speeches and conducting sessions in schools and colleges, from being busy doing all other stuff than studying at college to graduating with an A Grade, from writing just blogs and articles to making a national record of being India's Youngest Journalist. This was an amazing journey which made me grow as an entrepreneur and build higher confidence to face any more odds in the journey ahead. 

- Reaction of your family/friends or well-wishers on choosing your passion

The initial stage being full of struggle, I came to know the trick which can make the family support heavy on my side. It was "TRUST". If i gained their trust on my skills, they would let me fly and that happened. Staying 20 years in the small town I was now ready to take my dreams higher with the support of my mom, dad and bro. While all this couldn't have been possible alone, my friends always stood by me and do the same till date. I have come across 10 times more enemies than friends and sooner or later they leave. 

- Ups and Downs Being an entrepreneur

Mind keeps swinging around the big picture but sometimes when it focuses on the small picture and sees the graph going up and down every day is when it notices the ups and downs in life. I suppose that is what life is all about, not just an entrepreneurs but everyone’s. Who doesn’t face situations that are new? And without them what is life left with? I would say it’s a rollercoaster ride that makes us feel the fun, excitement, fear, fever, happiness, tears, etc. 

- Your Dream

Well, I call myself a dreamer and I have a million dreams which need to be fulfilled and am on the journey already having reached some milestones. But the belief I always carry with myself is - I must be, in all my actions, returning back to the society the love and support I receive. And only that shall make my life meaningful.

- Are you happy choosing your way to be an entrepreneur?

I am extremely happy because I don’t consider the norms of being an entrepreneur and other stuff, rather I take this as an adventure where I may fall and will have to gain the strength to rise up again. I shall have to start off again and there is nothing wrong in it. It’s always in the way one looks at things and that gives shape to their lives. 

- Difficulties you have to face being a woman in your field

Well, I have given interviews in many journals and many of them have asked this, but I always ask "why". Why does one think that being a woman shall be a ride full of difficulties? Isn’t it Shushmita Sen, who brings glory and pride to India even after 22 years, isn’t it Mary Kom who wings Olympic Gold Medals, Isn’t it Priyanka Chopra, who is offered lead roles at Hollywood, isn’t it Kangana Ranaut, who brags the National Awards for her work, wasn’t it Mother Teressa who brought the biggest change in a million lives, isn’t it Saina Nehwal, who tops the badminton race? Aren't these women enough to show that there is no difficulty that a woman might not be able to overcome? Are the difficulties more important to talk about when you've reached your glorious milestone? I believe there is nothing I would want to describe as a difficulty I face until and unless I am unable to overcome it and it has become an obstacle in my journey- strong enough for my life to stop. 

- What do you think about necessity of empowerment of woman

Of course women need to be empowered and there are organizations working on the same. People think women don’t get jobs and hence providing that might have just fulfilled the meaning of empowering women, or by giving them awards & appreciations women can be empowered. But what I feel is women need POWER to EMPOWER themselves. Most of them lose the confidence and strength to get up and live a life for themselves. India is a country of mostly higher middle class people who want their names to be respected by the deeds of their children and the parents do all it takes to make the child so perfect so that he/she can raise the family name. In this process, the women- who are considered to be the shape makers of the family are considered solely responsible for everything which makes them lose a bit of self-centered-ness and love for their own desires, wishes, work, and diverts all that to family. I feel they need to stop this practice and start to LIVE for themselves, their dreams and raise their strength to reach their goals and only then it will be called a real EMPOWERED WOMEN. 

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Publised On: Jul 15, 2016

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