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Annapaan Dietetic Centre

Firm Name : Annapaan Dietetic Centre

Contact : 9426603535

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Khyati Vaja

Name of Properitor : Khyati Vaja

Education : M.Sc. Dietetics & Food Service Management

Introduction :

Khyati Vaja M.Sc. (DFSM)

She has completed her post graduation in Dietetics and Food Service in management in 2010.

She has also worked as a lecturer at AIILSG College Ahmedabad.

She has started Nutritional Consultation since 2011.

She believes that food choices and eating habits play a powerful role in leading a healthy and joyful life.

She also believes that food can be act as medicine and the same time a causative factor for many illness.

Service Provided :

Annapaan Dietetic Center provides consultation along with herbal supplements in the following area

1.Nutritional Disorders

- Obesity

- Under weight

2. Metabolic Disorders

  - Diabetes

  - Lipid Disorders

3. Skin Disorders

4. Joint Disorders

5. Paediatric Disorders

6. Rejuvenating and Immune Enhancing Nutrition.


Apart from Nutrition Consultancy services, Annapaan Dietetic Centre is involved in sponsoring several seminars and social activities related to Ayurvedic Dietetics.

Address :

408-409, Shilp - 2, B/S, Airtel House, Nr, Income Tax Road, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.

Firm Profile

Annapaan - The name has been derived from Ayurvedic classics (Samhitas), which means Anna –Nutrition and Pann –Delivery media in body.ati Vaja

Hence at Annapaan Dietetic Centre thier main focus is to guide beneficiaries in achieving a healthier life by  choosing the right kind of Anna (nutrition) and Paan (the ways of its distributio) with the combination of morden and Ayurvedic Dietetic principles.



Annapaan Dietetic Center provides dietary consultation in the most natural and healthy approach with the balanced combination of modern and Ayurvedic Dietetics Principles.

We follow Ayurvedic’s basic principles of dietetics i.e.

- Annapaan

- Aharvidhi - Matra Bhojan (Portion Guidance)

- DinCharya - Daily Diet                       

- RutuCharya – Diet according to Season


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