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Back to Expert Articles - Antenatal Physiotherapy & Fitness - Exercises During Pregnancy

Antenatal Physiotherapy & Fitness - Exercises During Pregnancy

Antenatal physiotherapy and fitness  - exercises during pregnancy

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.

Pregnancy – a beautiful beginning of life “ the motherhood “. Pregnancy brings new happiness to the family, friends and especially to the woman who carries the baby for nine months in her  womb, for few years in her arms and for as long as she lives in her heart. I think that is the definition of a “ mother “, Isn’t it...?

Indeed with this comes the cost of  the happiness in the form of all physical symptoms of pregnancy which are unavoidable. They occur because of the hormonal changes and the increased weight needed for pregnancy.

Signs and symptoms - Here are some symptoms of pregnancy which are common but can be seen in variable occurrence in different females.

Low Back pain

Pelvis pain

Legs pain

Ribs pain

Neck pain and upper back pain

Knee pain

Urinary incontinence – involuntary leaking of urine


Digestive system disorders like nausea, vomiting, reflux, gas, bloating, constipation, piles etc.

Swelling in the body mainly legs and hands.

Diastasis recti – weakening of abdominal wall

Psychological changes like antenatal depression, mood swings, memory loss etc.

Improper Weight gain

General symptoms - Hot flushes, nose bleeds, stretch marks, dental carries, vein spiders, pigmentation in different parts of the body, nerve entrapements etc.

Antenatal physiotherapy and fitness programme -  ANTENATAL EXERCISES can be started from 4th month onwards with the consent of the gynaecologist and can be done till the end of your pregnancy. Different types of therapeutic exercises  include :

Cardio work outs – static cycling

Strength training – for both arms and legs

Pelvic floor strengthening exercises

Core strengthening exercises



Psychological counselling

Diet chart

Ergonomics – joint care and posture correction

Clinical hypotherapy

General guidelines of normal labour, cesarean section, painless delivery, breast feeding, baby care, positive parenting etc.

Antenatal dental care

Antenatal skin care

Physiotherapy treatment for pain relief which includes giving hot packs, cold packs, ultrasound  , TENS etc.

With  all pregnancy symptoms it becomes very miserable for a female to sustain for nine months. Earlier days people did not have remedy to fight with these. But  now we, at Vyaan , have developed this programme with years of experience of working for women’s  health. Some of the benefits of regular exercises are :

  • Women develop fitness during pregnancy.
  • Exercises improve bone density and that helps in reduction of occurrence of osteoporosis. Bones, joints and muscles all become stronger leading to less pains in body.
  • Exercises releases good chemicals in the brain namely dopamine, norepinaphrines and serotonins etc which elevates mood and helps reduce mood swings.
  • It gives a general sense of well being and body awareness.
  • Controls weight gain during pregnancy, the ideal weight gain is 11-12 kgs.
  • Prevention of injuries by following scientific ergonomics.
  • Infants born to regularly exercising mothers have normal weights and are physically and mentally more active compared to non exercising mothers.
  • Chances of normal delivery increases.
  • Recovery after delivery becomes easy if women exercise during pregnancy.

So Let’s make the pregnancy  healthiest  and enjoyable. All the best.

Publised On: May 24, 2017

Dr Nazaf Parekh

Author: Dr Nazaf Parekh


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