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Published on: Sep 07, 2017

PMS - Pre Menstrual Syndrome

( Struggle of Every Month )

When a woman is almost crazy and peak in emotional ups & downs. Here are the basics to know what it is all about.

Published on: Aug 16, 2017

Do we know the meaning of "Sarahah"? It's an Arab word, and it means "Honestly", yes, it does not mean hurting someone or being rude to someone. Here the real meaning of Sarahah went on becoming the vehicle for the anonymous mostly the hater to drive their frustration. It is just a new version of Cyber bullying. Which is the cause of anxiety, worry and frustration.

Published on: Apr 13, 2017
What if a blissful experience of motherhood turns into heart wrenching one? Surprised hearing this? Well, its not surprising at all. There is a condition called POST PARTUM DEPRESSION which is not only a mood swing because of hormonal ups & downs but inteferes the ability to care for baby and handle other daily tasks.
Here we are having a viewer who is sharing her real experience of having PPD and journey how she managed to come out of this.


Published on: Mar 23, 2017

There are several issues women have to face everyday like staring, eye teasing, horrific groping & touching, passing unwanted sexual comments by using public transportation. Each incidence leave a painful experience on them. 

But the concept of Women-Only Transit is becoming a safer way to use public transportation.

Published on: Jan 03, 2017

Women Cry a lot... Yes, we do.

I have tried to give reasoning on why I cry being a woman every now & then.

I have tried to give the reasoning why I cry and crying is healthy.

Published on: Dec 14, 2016


An article by Shruti K Shah, Advocate & Trademark Attorney. 




Published on: Oct 12, 2016

A delicious option to have fresh, healthy, hygienic, homemade and off course lip-smacking food from HOBBYCOOK.

Published on: Sep 25, 2016

An article of parents, who have decided to break the streotype and be the change by deciding to have single girl child on this "National Daughter's Day" 

Published on: Sep 22, 2016

Ability On Wheels, a book by Mr Harish Kumar, which offers everything about Driving & Disability and the same time highly motivational stories of 6 people who had to struggle a lot to fulfill their dream of driving.

Published on: Aug 05, 2016

Am I a Bad Mom?

It's very obvious to get this kind of thoughts when you are struggling to be a Super mom pushing yourself beyond your limits. It's pretty normal when you find yourself stuck and fed up of your conventional responsibilities and you want to just run away from the present and you want to be a Bad mom.

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