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Don't Feel Bad To Restart Your Study Again

Why you find it odd to restart your studies?

They started giggling….

They found it funny….

But the time I did not feel offended. I can’t say that this time I was above all this. Yes, I did feel.

Yes, I did feel offended by their reactions though they were predictable. But it did not push me back as I was firm this time.

The decision of plunging back into the word of books, assignments & exams to persue my masters after a long break of 10 years and at the time where you are already into many things which you have to look after was not at all easy.

I was not having the idea initially how I am going to do that as I cannot have enough time to seat in a couch and just to relax for 5 minutes being a mother, having your career & running your startups. But now I am capable enough to take care of everything. I am confident enough that I will do it after a long hiatus.

It is nothing bad to restart your studies after a break. There isn’t anything to feel shame off. You should have to proud of your decision.

You already have proved yourself being in a different role in certain time and now you are doing what you wanted to do without interrupting your responsibilities of your financial contribution, your households, your career. Because you want to add some value to what you doing.

Just take care of things like:

  • Plan your study.
  • Balance between study, career & life.
  • Find ‘me’ time.
  • Wisely choose your study.
  • Ask for help.
  • Prioritize your work

People used to ask me, is there any need to restart it? Can you do that? & also started assuming that I will quit soon or my career or what I am doing does not sound appealing for me that why I have started again my studies.

Sorry to tell you it was not like that I always wanted to persue my masters just after my bachelors or after some short break but thinks were not in my hand.

Priorities of life were such that whenever I have to push those thoughts back.

Sometimes one has to surrender to the timely situations like parent’s wish, In-laws pressure, your own desire not to go away from ur loved ones soon after marriage for studies, financial crisis, Child's responsibilities, no family support are playing a role in different time span. 


Don’t regret that you have started late but feel proud that you chose it timely.

Publised On: Nov 02, 2017

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