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Published on: Oct 13, 2015

As the festive season approaches, it is important to remember that while you enjoy every moment of celebration and think avoiding calories can be impossible it is not so. 

Remember it will take away all the hard work you did to get in shape. Moderation is the key to enjoy festive food and still keep the weighing scale in balance.

Published on: Sep 17, 2015

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re doing all you can and not seeing the results. You don’t know how you can make even more changes than you already have – so what’s the answer?

Published on: Aug 17, 2015

Are you a teenager who strave?

Or are you a mother of a teenager girl who wants to remain slim at the cost of her health???

Than spare some time and read this article...

Published on: Aug 05, 2015

When world is celebrating World Breast Feeding Week between 1 - 7 August, we are sharing an article on MOTHER'S MILK - EVERY CHILD'S BIRTH RIGHT to encourage mothers. Which includes benefits of breastfeeding in child as well as mother and food which can be useful to increase Breast Milk.  

Published on: Aug 01, 2015

Postural Habits of Adolesent girl, Reason for adopting those postures. Risk fectors. suggestions to improve postural habits. How physiotherapy or Excercise can help.


Published on: Aug 01, 2015

Today we are going to introduce you the founder of  'Ayurved Dryavyanidhi' mobile App Dr Nita Raval & Dr Dipa Mehta.

By their amazing work they are inspiring many arround them.


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