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Q. Why i should join Her Expertise?

A. Beacuse here you will get  platform to showcase the world your Expertise & will get your targeted      audience to expand your business.

Q. What should I do to get regular updates from Her EXpertise?

A. You simply have to register for newsletter, so you can get regular updates.

Q. How it is different from yellow pages?

A. Herexpertise provides you the space to showcae all your skills, your full profile and images of          your business place , you and your stuffs, so it is different from yellow pages.

Q. Is this website beneficial for only ladies?

A. No, everyone can view or use thewebsite information ti search an expert near by you. Like, If a            man who wants to search a lady pediatrician for his child, he can do it.

Q. Does my personal info as a viewer would be personal?

A. We do respect your privacy so we would never share your personal details with third party.

Q. What if I want information about Experts here but I don't use internet much?

A. After settling down we have a plan to start a helpline number. By this anyone can get information        of Experts who are on Her EXpertise by a phone call.

Q. How Her Expertise is beneficial for women related brands or services?

A. By being here you can target the audience whom you really wanted. You can add your                        brand/business's profile and images here and announce your upcoming sale or discounts.

Q. I am not a women entrepreneure, why should I use this website?

A. May be you are not a woman entrepreneur but there are lots of things we have for you, so you may not resist yourself visit again & again.

Q. What if I want to give avertisements of vacancy of my firm?

A. You are on a right place if you want to do so but the only condition is it should be for our women        community. You just have to submit us the details of that particular job and you are done. 



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