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Give Toy Give Joy

How Ahmedabad based mother and a software Programmer by profession Hirin Dave is spreading smiles to less privileged children by her initiative.
In the conversation with Hirin, she disclosed many things about her initiative.
"I have started an initiative called Give Toy Give Joy for spreading  smiles to less fortunate kids with the help of our old toys."
Giving Joy by giving toys is the simple concept of collecting old toys, and put them to a good cause of spreading smile. 
What is the reason behind starting this initiative?
There is an evident gap between the willing donors of toys and less fortunate kids who have every right to be as happy as any other kids. If you ask your child what makes them most happy, its most likely that they will come up with the name of their toy. Let it be barbie or pokemon or any toy they cherish. I am simply filling that gap by devoting few hours daily. Anyone can do this and I wish more people volunteer for this.
How people are reacting to your Initiative?
Initially it was tough to get participation but once the donors saw the images of the smiling kids who were amazed with the toys, made things easy. All they want is the authenticity and by giving proofs, its made things happen.
How you are spreading words about it?
Social Media and word of mouth is a key for the success of the cause. Without it, I could not imaging involvement from the community.
Are you looking for any help to reach out more people?
Yes, for sure, I am doing it at my personal capacity and there are few volunteers who have joined the cause. It would be great if more people come forward for make it happen beacuse More number of toys means more happy faces.
How much time you spare a day to your initiative?
By profession, I am a software programmer and director of Tailored Solutions and have got flexible working hours at work. That's why, I am able to spend at least 4-5 hours daily.
Mention your struggle which you have to face to start your initaitive.
I wont tell it a struggle, but yes, it was bit difficult to convince people about the initiative. Once I won the trust of the donors, its easy.
From when you have started?
I have started this initiative on 8th May 2016.  
Family Support
My family provided me full support. Best of all, me and my 7 years old Jiya are visiting donors place personally to collect old toys and then distributing to less fortunate kids in slums and other areas.

Publised On: May 31, 2016

Hirin Dave

Author: Hirin Dave


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