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Hiral Visani


M.Sc Forensic Science

Work Profile

General Secretary (Dragon Boat Association of Gujarat) and Director of JD ADVENTURE SPORTS CLUB & TOURS

Name of your Venture/Firm/Initiative

Adventure and Adventure Sports


Brief profile of your Venture/Firm/Initiative

I am a Master of Professional study in Forensic Science from Gujarat University and trained in Directorate of Forensic Science. I am officially working as a General Secretary of Dragon Boat Association of Gujarat and Technical official in National Championship which is organizing by Dragon Boat Federation of India every year. I am having ‘C’ Certificate of Air Wing NCC and Micro flying experience. As a Sports manager, I have worked with sports companies and adventure clubs. I have been awarded in National championships of dragon boat race and many more. I utilize my time on some activities like scuba diving, horse riding, rifle shooting, and mountaineering. I love to take thrilling experience of water sports and aero sports.

Mention your struggle which you have to face to start your venture

My journey as a younger member of Dragon Boat Federation of Indian and Dragon Boat Association of Gujarat (Founder) is tough as well as I learned so many things from seniors and experts of my field. I meet so many personality and learning how to talk with dignitaries. From start up to till date facing alone so many things like from travelling schedules to destination with 40 player's responsibility on my head and all financial supports like to search for sponsorship and all. When I am going outside with my team we are feeling proud as a Gujarat State Team specially for water sports, Not a single player from Gujarati before us have been here. Every time when we have National Championship anywhere in India at that time it is not easy to convene players and their parents for long distance specially for Girls. I am trying to create awareness of this sport as well want to encourage girls to be a part of it.

From when you have started your Journey as an entrepreneur

From 2007 when I was in NCC and got chances many time.

Describe family support

What I am today is because of all my Family support, without them I am nothing. The confidence and support every time they have ponder. My parents who always allow me go out for a long with my team members. They have trust on me and I am proud. My siblings are so much co-operative. My brother is my backbone, he is always there for me when I need help.

Reaction of your family/friends or well wishers about choosing your passion

Reaction of my friends on passion are --- Your the best yaar.. We are proud of you.. and feeling jealous why my life is not like your's.. The freedom you get from your parents.. the way you are living the life which is everyone's dreams..

Ups and Downs Being an Entrepreneur

Without up and downs we cant get success in life.. And it is actually adventure for me.. But in the end all my hard works will payoff.

Your Dream

I dreamed to be an Indian Air Force officer but unfortunately I am not a part of defense services. Still have dream to be a most respective officer rank which has starts on shoulders and do something for my country. Want to be an inspirational person for all specially for young girls and ladies.

Are you happy choosing your way to be an entrepreneur?

Actually.. Risk is my Life, Impossible is my Love, Possible is my Aim, Dangerous is my Game. I am one of the person who does all the crazy things. Something pops into my head in the moment and I am there doing it. I love this about myself and often the people around me think it’s great too as it can often lead them into adventure too … and making them do crazy things they had never thought of. I Will Go Where Life Takes Me at this point in life I have a lot of opportunities and chances. I used to do everything I can. I am a curious person, if I don't know something I will try to find it out, if I don't know where somewhere leads I will go there. I enjoy living this way and I'm learning to take on the saying of "No regrets".

Difficulties you have to face being a woman in your field

I am the only lady officer in my Association and federation (Now we have 3 lady officers in federation). As a woman I faced difficulties but the personality which I build and its helps me to convert difficulties in to positive outputs.

What do you think about necessity of empowerment of woman

Come out from your comfort zone.. prove yourself... make your family proud on you..

Any special comment you want to convey to women who are following you

We can do almost anything which is in mind ...… We can swim the deepest ocean, Jump from the Plane and climb the highest peak… Be a doctor or fly a plane… drive a bike.. We can face adversity and still walk tall. We are strong, beautiful, and compassionate and much more than words could ever say...


Publised On: Mar 15, 2018

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