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Women are hardworking but they are unaware of their worth. Actually they are multi-tasker. But the major issue is lack of encouragement. Now a days women are more educated but they are stuck between their priorities. Its been tough for her to manage duties along with her career. Many of them quit their individual identity for the sake of their responsibilities. Some of them fight back and continue to persue their dreams. But she has to compromise a lot . And there is a constant guilt not being able to give that quality time to her family.

When a woman starts her own business there are so many difficulties which she has to deal with, first among all is family support. Then managing finances, time management, hiring staff, finding a good space, running expense, dealing with waiting period etc. The major issue is advertising your venture.

Sometimes it happens that she has to spare a particular amount more than her total expense to advertise her brand. But still she is not getting the desirable result. The reason is she is busy in attracting the mass instead of target audience.

The motto of launching is to give the women, who is actually an expert in her field a platform to show her ability to the world.

Even I have noticed that being a woman if I want a female expert in any particular area I have to spare a lot of time to find her from a selected location. Though I belong to Ahmedabad its been tough or next to impossible to find what I really looking for, with no alternatives. I have to switch from one site to another and then I have to quit. Even if I am a Woman entrepreneur there is not specific space where I can advertise my skills. I have to spend a lot to attract an audience. Then I thought what if a woman who is not basically from Ahmedabad will do if she is in the same situation? So the idea of Her Expertise Strike in my mind. And after so many days of thinking I have decided to give my idea a shape which I can represent to society. I also have so many doubts like am I able to execute exactly what is in my mind? And women will accept this concept or not? Then I finally decided to work on it. I have work very hard and has put tremendous efforts with so many sleepless nights to portrait Her Expertise.

Here we give a space to woman entrepreneur to advertise her skills or venture, share her ideas, share her life journey to become an entrepreneur which can provide a motivation to other women to be self-employed and to share announcement of upcoming sales which can be beneficial for their promotion. We are inviting women to inspire and guide our women community by their expert articles in different fields/subjects. We have also include a category  which is useful for a woman in her daily life,  it is not by the woman but definitely for the woman. We have tried to add as many experts from Ahmedabad who are working exclusively for woman.  Our main feature is a category called Job opportunities. It is a little effort to find an appropriate job for woman in her locality without any headache. Here we have tried to combine all the latest news related to woman around the world. So she can aware of the present situation by just a click.

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