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Jaimini Ravrani - JAMZAA

- Name

Jaimini Ravrani - as known as JAMZAA

- Education

Studying Digital Film Production at University of Greenwich

- Married/Unmarried

Unmarried though I am engaged to the love of my life.

- Tell us something about your family and where are you from?

I am born and brought up in London. I have one brother and one sister. Both are older than me and married. I live with my Mum, Brother and Bhabhi. My father passed away in 2014.

- Your hobbies 

I love football. Since childhood the only sport I would play and carry on playing till I become old. Ha ha. I like making short videos of any random situation or problem. I also love to spend time with family.

- Name of your Venture/Firm/ Initiative

JAMZAA #gujaratiproblems 

- Brief Introduction of ur Venture/Firm/ Initiative 

#gujaratiproblems is about all the Gujarati problems or issues faced in every Gujarati household, whether they are small or big problems. I make videos to show the Gujarati’s out there how they are not the only Gujarati’s that face the problem but there are many of us that do around the whole world.

- Why you chose to become an entertainer raising your voice on youth (specially issues of gujju girls) issues.

Because every Gujarati girl goes through the same situation at home. Whether they are married or unmarried they have similarities, which I brought to attention. I thought to let every Gujarati girl know that it doesn’t just happen to them but other girls out there too in every Gujarati household. Therefore I use the hashtag #gujaratiproblems

- How you came up with the idea to start a Youtube Channel?

Initially, my idea was not to start up a Youtube channel. My attention was Facebook and Instagram. I would upload my videos on just those two social networks. However after I thought I’d open a Youtube account for those who do not connect with social media.

- How many followers you are having?

On youtube I have 1,200 following my channel

On Facebook I have 11K following my page

On Instagram I have around 7K following my page

 - How people are reacting after watching your videos?

I have had all sorts of reactions from people about my videos. I would say there are 50% that love my videos and 50% that don’t enjoy my videos.

- Who your admirers are? Only Girls or Both girls and boys?

I would say about 60% are girls and 40% are boys, only because I am speaking for the Gujarati girls. #gujaratiproblems

- How your followers appreciation boost your confidence to keep continue ur passion? Any special incidence you want to share with us?

My followers on all three social networks do boost my confidence. They make me produce more videos just for them. All the videos I have uploaded so far have more than 10K views(on fb). I feel that there are people out there that do support you for what you do and for what you are.

- Mention your struggle which you have to face to start your initiative.

The only struggle that I had to face in the start of my initiative was where people would either call or message my Mother and say ‘is your daughter copying what you do to her?’

Those people are not looking at how the world is retaliating to my videos especially girls on how true it is. I’ve had personal messages from girls that are married and unmarried telling me how TRUE my videos are on what girls go through. So it is not only my mother but all the other mothers out there that also have similarities amongst themselves.

- From when you have started?

I roughly started in Feb 2016. At first I would only make 30 second videos due to Instagram. It then became longer and longer gradually. #gujaratiproblems

- Family Support

My family are my support. They do support me and also give ideas sometime.

My fiancé is my biggest support. He gives me the strength and boosts my confidence to go out there and speak my mind. 

- Initial reaction of your family/friends or well wishers on choosing your passion.

My close friends are a big support upon me, especially my best friend. Always giving me ideas and tells me what to keep on the video or cut out.

There are so many people that personal message me and say how much they love my videos and they want me to do more and to go far.

- Ups and Downs Being an entrepreneur

I have not really faced any ups and downs being an Entrepreneur.

- Your Dream

To become a Director or Producer in the Bollywood Industry

- Are you happy choosing your way to be an entrepreneur?

Yes I am very happy choosing my way to be an Entrepreneur. Hopefully will carry on #gujaratiproblems till they end. Ha ha.

- Difficulties you have to face being a women in your field 

People tend to look further into every Indian girls Education and work field. If the subject they are learning is not right for them, they must not do it due to their future after marriage.

If the job role they are applying for or currently working as is not right after marriage, then you should do a job that is appropriate for you and your going to be husband and family. The questions that come up in every elderly persons mind is

‘Is this job acceptable after marriage?’ ‘Will it become a problem after marriage?’ ‘No family will accept job roles like this’ etc etc

However, I am quite fortunate to find my fiancé and in laws for loving and accepting what I am currently doing. They accept me for who I am and what I do. #gujaratiproblems. We need more people like them in the world.

- What do you think about necessity of empowerment of woman 

Women have to go through a lot. Women empowerment includes various issues such as Economical and Social.

Economical I mean education and profession. As mentioned earlier, women have a tough life. They have to think twice about what they do. They have to think about their future as well as people around them. They cannot just do what they feel like or what they want. They have to compromise and consider everything that comes in their way, whether it’s good for them or bad.

Socially I mean stereotyping and discrimination that women persist in parts of the world. Some women have the will power to go and do what wish to do whereas some get tortured and discriminated in front of the world.

- Any special comment you want to convey to women who are following you 

Do what you LOVE to do. If you have the talent to do something, JUST DO IT. Without fearing from the public speaking about you. Confidence and Will Power is the way forward and what a woman has within them.

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Publised On: Jul 29, 2016

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