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    Date: 07 Jan 2017

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Know Yourself Love Yourself

A focus on health issues relevant to women has been increasing over last two decades. The multiple roles that women play tend to give low priority to her personal time. Women always place the need of others before themselves and priority to their health, exercise or any form of relaxation is never given preference.


Compare to western countries in India adequate healthcare for women and children are not provided and it reflects in high perinatal mortality. Hence proper allocation of health care resources for women and children is required by national rural health mission, Janani Surksha yojana and reproductive child health phase II, which seeks to improve access of rural women and children to public health services.


We the ‘physiotherapist’, as primary health care professional participate in prevention programs which are committed to improve and maintain functional independence and physical performance.


There are main 3 phases in life of women.

1.       Adolescence

2.       Child bearing years

3.       Menopause & beyond.

Today we will talk about the first phase of our life adolescent years.

This period is very delicate, as a girl in growing phase, so many changes she noticed physically as well mentally.  At this age physical appearance become more important but they are not aware that what is happening inside.

During adolescence, girls are prone to mechanical and societal influences that can lead to changes in postural alignment and the development of poor postural habits.

During this period bone grows faster than the associated musculotendon unit, resulting in altered flexibility and propensities for muscular imbalance which are more commonly in legs. This imbalance contributes to change in joint alignment of spine. Frequent fall, ankle sprain and fracture are mostly seen. Along with this if that girl is not properly nourished by perfect diet, may have deficiencies which can be the reason of many future medical problems.

Balance level of hormone relaxing is higher in females resulting in greater flexibility. This increases ligament laxity around the ankle, knee, shoulder, which increase the risk of injuries in this areas.

During adolescence, girls are prone to mechanical and societal influences that can lead to changes in postural alignment and the development of poor postural habits. Factors that contribute to poor postural habits are

ü  Slouched sitting 

ü  Ill-fitting school desks

ü  Overloaded bags and backpacks

ü  The growing propensity of sedentary hobbies, such as playing computer and video games  and watching television           

ü  Discomfort with changing body image

ü  Following growth spurts

ü  Body development, particularly breast changes, can further lead to shoulder protraction and thoracic joint stiffness setting the stage for muscle imbalance and dysfunction later in life.

ü  Physical and sexual abuse

ü  Depression

If posture is not corrected, it can lead to bend upper spine and compensatory curves in lumber and cervical regions ultimately result in neck and low back pain. Excessive use of laptop and mobile play important role in back, neck and finger pain.


Now the question is that how can we come out of these unavoidable circumstance?

Some of the Solutions for all these problem are

-By health education

-Health education for impact of growth,

-Importance of exercise and posture,

-Involvement in sports,

-Good nutrition,

-Teaching proper lifting techniques.

-Supervised flexibility programs for all they can know perfect technique of stretching.

-Regular stretching and strengthening program.

-Aerobic exercise and agility training can prevent premenstrual syndrome. PMS(premenstrual syndrome) is a cluster of physical and psychological symptoms occurring in associating with the menstrual cycle and it impairs the quality of many young women's life.

-Appropriate footwear is also having role for back pain and leg pain. 



Publised On: Aug 01, 2015

Dr Poonam Modi, PT , M.Physio in Cardio Pulmonary & Aerobic Exercise Instructor

Author: Dr Poonam Modi, PT , M.Physio in Cardio Pulmonary & Aerobic Exercise Instructor

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