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In this section we will serve all the woman related news. So woman out there can get aware of what is happening in the world which is somehow affecting her being a woman. And get connected to the world and she does not miss a single news whether it is about politics, beauty, health or anything.

Published on: Jun 12, 2018



Published on: Apr 10, 2018

Women Jewels of India who bragged Gold Medals in ongoing Commonwealth 2018

Published on: Apr 02, 2018

In a first of its kind initiative in Gujarat, Narmada police introduced ‘Nirbhaya Squad’ in its force on Sunday to fight the menace of eve-teasing and harassment of women.

Published on: Nov 10, 2017

Mary Kom won 5th Gold in Asian Women Boxing Championship.

Published on: Aug 26, 2016

"Thank Your Buddy", a campaign to celebrate your friendship with your buddy to let him/her know that you care.

Published on: Feb 09, 2016

First crowdfunding campaign for admitting by Shwas Charitable Trust underprivileged kids to school. 

Published on: Jan 04, 2016

ABILITY ON WHEELS is an effort to encourage the specially abled people to take a big leap towards leading a normal life by providing mobility & accessibility services & solutions.

As a first step towards this direction Ability on Wheels has launched a first of its kind in the country driving school exclusively for the differently abled using customized cars in Ahmedabad.

Published on: Oct 13, 2015
Published on: Sep 17, 2015

A story of a Acid Attack Survivor

Published on: Aug 02, 2015
I just came to know about the beautiful app called ‘The Bird Tap App’.
Yes, I used the word ‘beautiful’ as after knowing about this it put a big smile on my face and I am touched by the innovative idea to help those thirsty birds on hot summer days.
Now there’s an app that not only helps you set up an earthen bowl for the birds but also helps you remember to refill the bowl whenever the water dries up.
Introducing Bird Tap, a mobile app designed and launched by Surat-based animal welfare NGO, Prayas Team Environment Charitable Trust, in collaboration with Humane Society International, Hyderabad. 
The app helps users get free-of-cost water bowls and install them in public or private places where they can be accessed easily by birds. Prayas has set up several water bowl distribution centres across Surat.
These earthen bowls are made from a special soil that keeps the water cool during summer – hence, they are not easily available in the market. Users can register with the app by providing their names and mobile numbers. They can then see the list of water bowl distributors and choose the one closest to them.
A unique token number is then provided to the user, which he/she can use to avail of the free water bowl from the selected distributor. After receiving the bowl, users can confirm receipt by pressing the “pot received” button on the screen.
The next step is the most crucial one. It requires the user to actually install the water bowl and take a photo of the same and upload to the app for the purpose of verification. Users can choose the visibility of the post as either “public” or “private”.
While the location of a public pot will be visible to all the other users and they too can refill the pot if they want, a private pot’s location will not be disclosed to anyone. Users will also be required to maintain and refill the bowls on a regular basis. 
 The amazing thing is that it is Launched in May 2015and the Bird Tap application already has more than 3,500 users. 
 Currently this app is  working in just Surat city in Gujarat, the Prayas team now wants to expand its reach to other cities across India as well. The Prayas team is open to sharing its model with anyone who wants to start a similar initiative in his/her city.
The app is currently available only on Android and the Prayas team is working to make it available on iOS too.
 To know more about their work, contact the team at – or visit – 

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