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Mitali Jakatdar


BA Psychology

Work Profile

Started my career as a Radio Jockey, moved to TV and eventually shifted to digital...started my own video production house and when it got taken over by a digital company, focussed full-time on SuperMOM Mitali- A Parenting Website

Name of your Venture/Firm/Initiative

SuperMOM Mitali


Brief profile of your Venture/Firm/Initiative         

I am Mitali and I believe that all the moms in the world are SuperMOMS. We wish to bring you a first person experience of what is hot in the world of Parenting via our Articles, Videos, Interesting Live Formats and various interesting Panels and events.


Mention your struggle which you have to face to start your venture

When I started SuperMOM Mitali, it was only a Youtube channel, Initially I struggled conveying people what I was doing and how I could express my thoughts and help people only via videos. Alas...I had to cave in and start a blog which turned into a website and I am really happy about it. Then the struggle was never about good content but always about the numbers...we are still battling it but will soon emerge successful as any internet driven venture takes time to prosper.

From when you have started your Journey as an entrepreneur

From 2014, I started my video production company and as an experiment to test the camera equipment I decided on becoming the guinea pig. So in 2014 I became a double entrepreneur, who started Ping Digital- Video company and SuperMOM Mitali- The Parenting company.

Describe family support

I stay in Mumbai with my Husband and Daughter and we also have a pet dog, though we are a nuclear family with both my mother and my husbands father still working in a full-time job, I learnt to draw support from paid help. We have an excellent nanny who takes care of the house and my kids. (Daughter and Dog)

Reaction of your family/friends or well wishers about choosing your passion

They always wonder if this is going to work!

Ups and Downs Being an Entrepreneur

Ohh there are more downs about being an entrepreneur than the ups because you have the responsibility of creating something right from scratch. There are days when nothing works, you dont get the funding because you are not known and you are not known because you dont have the funds and it all boils down to one question..."Is this going to work? and Is it worth taking the risk?" Whereas the positive side of being an entrepreneur is working at your own pace, creating something you love and the letting the whole pretence go away that you have to mask while working in a big corporation. You end up working may be more than 8 hours and weekends aren't free either but it is your own baby. You decide its future and you determine your own earnings.

Your Dream

My dream is to be in a position and be so successful that I should be able to fund all the women led business and encourage them to follow their dreams.

Are you happy choosing your way to be an entrepreneur?

Yes, I am very happy that i chose this difficult path of being an entrepreneur because, It has taught me a lot about myself, my true supporters and most importantly how to find a simple solution to the most complex problems in the world.

Difficulties you have to face being a woman in your field

I am in a business which is mainly dominated by women so that is the fact that makes it difficult and easy at the same time. The most important difficulty that I face is the fact that people just assume this to be a hobby rather than a business. I hate the perception and the word "Just a House-Wife". When you say that you have a parenting website they assume I am a 'Mommy Blogger' and trust me this is a derogatory term that they are using. Explaining the vision behind this idea is the most difficult part and I am sure things will surely change in the years to come.

What do you think about necessity of empowerment of woman

Women are empowered in todays day and age, It just depends on who you look up to, is it your mom who inspite of being a homemaker, raised you to be a confident young woman? or a Sheryl Sandberg and Indra Nooyi who are CEOs of Facebook ad Pepsico respectively and you want to become like them! The necessity really is for women to empower themselves and no one else can or will do it for any woman in the world ever! If your financial situation allows you to stay at home and take care of your kids, I think that is the most wonderful gift that you can give to your family, provided that you are happy doing it. If you think you should go out of the house and prove your worth then be it. Be happy doing whatever you want to without blaming your husband or kids. Its your life and you have to live with the choices you make. 

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Publised On: Nov 17, 2017

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