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There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re doing all you can and not seeing the results. You don’t know how you can make even more changes than you already have – so what’s the answer?

Keeping only CardioAt first, cardio is great for fat burning. But once the body starts to strengthen and adapt to the rate at which you practice, steady cardio sessions will soon become less effective. Rather than relying on physically friendly exercises like running, walking or jogging for 45 mins at a manageable pace, turn your attention to interval training Quick bursts of intense exercise followed by a brief rest (and repeat), is one of the best ways to stimulate fat loss. What’s more, the effect it has on your metabolic rate also means that high intensity training of any kind can actually continue to burn fat, hours after your workout.

You Need More Protein: You may have cut out all the empty calories (chocolate, sweets, colas etc.) but a lack of protein in your diet may be encouraging your body to cling onto fat instead of creating muscle. According to a study, those who double their protein intake are more likely to lose fat than those who don’t. Sticking to a high-protein diet not only leaves you feeling fuller for longer; it also maintains muscle strength and helps shred the fat. So opt for Protein foods like tofu, soy milk, low fat milk and dairy, sprouts, oats, quinoa, beans and legumes and nuts.

You Need More Fat: Eat fat to lose fat – where’s the sense in that? But eat only good fats. Avoid high saturated / trans fats, and tuck into plenty of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, such as flax seeds, nuts and avocados. A study made by the University of South Australia found that combining healthy fat supplements “with regular aerobic exercise improves body composition and cardiovascular disease risk factor.” It takes a combination of well thought-out diet choices and exercise to burn fat.

You are on artificial sweeteners: In a desperate bid to flatten your tummy, you would reach to every ‘low-fat’ product available. But the problem is, these seemingly ‘low Cal healthy’ foods aren’t aiding your fat-burning efforts. To compensate for the lack of sugar, low calorie alternatives tend to be laden in artificial sweeteners, which open the door to a whole host of other health issues.

According to Science News, “eating artificial sweeteners may spur the very health problems that dieters try to avoid… its saccharin content meddles with the gut’s microbial community, setting in motion few changes that are associated with obesity and diabetes.” Avoid shortcuts, and stick to healthy, wholesome produce that’s packed with nutrients and assists your fat-burning goals.

You think Carbs are always bad: A common weight loss tactic for many people is to stop on carbs, even the healthy and complex ones! But you need the carbs to enhance your exercise performance even further. Carbs are an essential source of fuel, which your body craves during intense workouts. If you emphasize on only Protein, your Protein will be wasted during exercise to give calories. Therefore, choose healthy carbs such as oats, Whole grains, sweet potatoes, fruits and quinoa.

You’re DehydratedMany people value on electrolyte-filled sports drinks, but when it comes down to it, water should always be your best friend. Even the slightest thirst indicates dehydration, which in turn directly impacts your metabolism. To put it simply, when your muscles aren’t fed with an adequate amount of water, they slow down massively, and this affects the rate at which fat burns. So remember, drink two to three litres water a day.

So, here you are with ways and methods to recover from weight loss PLEATEU and start shedding the fat….


Publised On: Sep 17, 2015

Dr Janki Patel, Ph. D  in Nutrition (Practicing Nutritionist at Healthy Minds)

Author: Dr Janki Patel, Ph. D in Nutrition (Practicing Nutritionist at Healthy Minds)


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