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Back to blog - PMS - Struggle of Every Month

PMS - Struggle of Every Month

PMS - Pre Menstrual Syndrome

Is this a that time of month? or Stop PMSing Or Have you got ur PMS started ?

I know people bombard this sort of questions to u too when they find u "off"...

Those who are not aware of PMS, a short description of it for them.

PMS - Pre Menstrual Syndrome

The time when a woman is having different emotional, physical and behavioral symptoms before having her periods.

These symptoms may include

Emotional Symptoms

- Irritability

- Getting Angry

- Crying without reason

- Feeling of being depressed

- Socially withdrawn

- Not in a mood to talk with anyone

Physical Symptoms

- Brest Tenderness

- Acne

- Sleeplessness

- Headache/Migraine

- Upset stomach

- Bloating

- Abdominal Pain/ Backache/ joint pain

Behavioral Symptoms

Craving for food (typically chocolates, carbohydrate reach food or junk food)

There are women who do not experience PMS at all but many women reach to the point of time when they have to stop doing work or their life stand still. According to different researches almost 75-80% women are experiencing PMS which can not be measured by any test or any physical findings but it does exist. 

PMS varies from woman to woman and sometimes symptoms may vary in woman who experiences PMS.

For differentiating it from any anxiety disorder or depression one has to track the time and duration of PMS. Usually it starts before the period (generally before 5-7 days prior) and disappears once the period starts. But if the above stated symptoms lasts through out the month than it is needed to consult an expert.

PMS happens because of the hormonal ups and downs before the periods and it's the sign that you will nearly get your periods.

So girls, if you are PMSing, stop cursing urself and start living with it. Do things which can boost your mood, have some symptomatic relief, exercise may help reducing the symptoms. And yes, have Chocolates without guilt.  

And let your guys understand  what PMS is all about, it makes them realize things helps us deal with it.

P.S. to guys: It's time to please ur woman with lots of love, care & understanding if she is freaking out.

Publised On: Sep 07, 2017

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