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  • Relish With Jenish

    Date: 25 Nov 2017

    Time: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

    Venue: Bhumi Beauty Centre, Nehrunagar, Ahmedabad.

  • Coptic & Buttonhole Binding Workshop

    Date: 03 Mar 2017

    Time: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

    Venue: pH Designs Studio 1st floor, Pratharna flats, Nr Vrajbhumi Complex, Induben Khakhravala ni gali, Girish Cold Drinks, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad - 380009

  • Studio h at The W Trunk'17

    From: 03 Mar 2017

    To: 05 Mar 2017

    Time: 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM

    Venue: Ahmedabad Hat, Vastrapur

  • DIY Bottle Lamp - Make & Take Workshop

    Date: 28 Jan 2017

    Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

    Venue: pH Designs Studio, 1st Floor, Prathana Flats, Near Vrajbhumi Complex, Induben Khakhra vala, Girish Cold Drinks, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

  • Ayurveda & Child Care

    Date: 21 Jan 2017

    Time: 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM

    Venue: Double O B501 Krishna Complex, Opp. Mocha Cafe, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, India 380015

  • Mommies Day Out By Sanidhya Maternity & Multi-Specialty Hospital

    Date: 07 Jan 2017

    Time: 11 AM Onwards

    Venue: Sanidhya Maternity & Multi-Specialty Hospital, 4th Floor, Orchid Centre, Opp. Safal Parisar, South Bopal Ahmedabad, India

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Dr. Shivangi Maletia

Name of Properitor : Dr. Shivangi Maletia

Introduction :

Dr. Shivangi Maletia has etched out her own niche in the past few years, in the world of Pageantry, Social work and as a 'PSYCHOLOGICAL EMPOWERMENT' Coach for women. A dental surgeon by profession, she works at an eminent post in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Delhi. Her focus, grit and determination made her win several prestigious titles like MRS. INDIA WORLDWIDE 2014, CRAFTSVILLA MISS ETHNIC 2015 and MRS. HERITAGE WORLD 2015. As she gained an insight into her journey in pageantry, she realised, how vital it has been in her evolution from a woman next door, to a woman who has complete faith in her advanced thinking, proactive self and her 'purpose of existence', especially after elevating herself from the suicidal condition of panic attacks, using the same technique, her faith in the same grew as much as to spread it further. Panic attacks were her uninvited companions due to a hormonal upsurge post delivery of her first baby, all credits to the 15cm huge fibroid in her extra uterine cavity. These attacks even degraded her confidence to a grave deep level forcing her to attempt suicide several times. As these techniques helped her sail against the flow and steadily allowed her , not only reach the safe banks but also unleashed the unnoticed bounds of potential, courage and confidence, she made it mandatory for herself to spread them as much as possible to women worldwide. Thereof, she began spreading awareness through Coaching and Training women, especially married women and mothers, about using Pageantry as an evolutionary tool and devised an absolutely novel concept of 'PRODUCTIVE PAGEANTRY'. This is a well crafted and precisely devised training program which is a perfect amalgamation of Pageantry principles and life perfecting fundamentals, based on international standards of various world famous Life Experts and Personality Coaches, helping her students win accolades in their professional as well as personal spheres. Dr. Shivangi Maletia has proved her mettle beyond the boundaries of age and marital status by being the first ever married FEMINA winner by winning FEMINA OFFICIALLY GORGEOUS 2016. She has successfully joined the league and proved yet again that "you live till you dream , you dream to create miracles and miracles identify only true beauties" and she is one such beauty! Recognizing her enigmatous potential and inspiring journey, Dr. Shivangi was highly honored to have been invited as a speaker at the platform seeked by world famous artisans and achievers, i.e., TEDx, ( Technology, Entertainment, Designing) She was mainly invited to share her concept of training women using Productive Pageantry, which is one of a kind and is proving helpful in elevating and empowering women as her students. Dr. Shivangi Maletia, 'The Magnet to Happiness', as she is called by her students, believes in the quantum of untapped energy residing in the self. Hence, she generates an electrifying power and synergy in her training sessions called 'QUEEN IN THE MAKING' to create an everlasting impact on the lives of the women, gifting them the much needed and sought after 'ATTITUDE OF AN ACHIEVER' and the 'PERSONA OF A QUEEN'. The latest and the most impactful training session under Queen in the making using the techniques and strategies of Productive Pageantry have been with Acid attack survivors associated with Stop Acid Attack campaign. During this first ever in the history of Pageantry PAGEANT for ACID ATTACK FIGHTERS conducted by Dr. Shivangi Maletia Jangra in association with Project Udaan, 9 acid attack survivors were trained for 7 days by Dr. Shivangi and were transformed into confident, successful women portraying themselves in their best avatars on the 8th day in pageant PRISTINE ( mock pageant under QITM) . Dr. Shivangi has also released a series of videos, teaching and preaching the modern women to lead Impactful Lives, grounded deeply to our values, yet, complimented by broader vision for self improvement and transformed paradigm for each other. Her focus drives her to seek her sole objective of 'A woman for a woman' and a free , selfless service of sharing her thoughts, experiences and self devised techniques through digital media engagement, is the best way possible in today's world ruled by Digital modes of communication. Her videos are being appreciated, followed and loved by people worldwide and helping them change their lives for good. Dr. Shivangi has a keen interest in the generosity offered by rural women towards our society, and hence feels tremendously for their upliftment for enhancement of the society as a whole. Hence, she recently supported the first ever Rural Women Event organized by her student, to encourage and inspire the rural women of developing India. Queen in the making, in the year 2017, has launched the prestigious honor named INSPIRING GEMS OF INDIA, to pay due credit to all the unrecognized women , belonging to varied cadres of our society, utilizing their talents in uplifting the lives of others in several ways. Such women, who have families and profession to pay care, diligence and sincere attention, also consider it their prime duty to enlarge their focus of service towards the society. Dr. Shivangi's inspirational story and ever inspiring and empowering work has been appreciated by both Indian and International media. Her story has been published by 'The logical Indian' and the global community called 'Women for One'. Dr. Shivangi Maletia has been selected as a speaker representing modern Indian women at various esteemed platforms, Women Entrepreneurs Summit 2017 and WORLD HEALTH CONGRESS 2017, to name a few, amongst other eminent personalities from all over the world in the field of Women Health and Empowerment. She dreams of a world where women are empowered first psychologically and then physically or financially as she believes in the power of 'SELF BELIEF' and 'SELF LOVE' over any other external factor in formulating one's de

Service Provided :


Dr. Shivangi Maletia aims at restructuring the thinking pattern of the women worldwide, by creating newer paradigms of creatively empowered imagination and speech, hence generating wave of EVOLUTIONARY WOMANHOOD.


Dr. Shivangi is a Magician keenly transcribing the genes of modern Indian women with Integrity, Love, Peace and Confidence, hence, making them infallible in both personal and professional facets of their lives. Her coaching sessions fill the ambience with vibrations of unconditional potential eruptions and live wires of faith in self. Her values are foremost inclined in rediscovering Gen Y's modern approach in the old traditional yet firmly grounded and strongly followed family bindings.


1. What is SELF LOVE and how and why to incorporate it in your daily rituals.

2. Law of LOVE, GROWTH and ATTRACTION with its impact on our unconscious yet strong approach towards life.

3. How does ATTITUDE aligns your true ALTITUDE in life.

4. Numerous small yet effective ways to instill VALUE, ORIGINALITY and LOVE in your daily chores.

5. RICH and IMPACTFUL lifestyle modulation techniques.

6. Why being rooted to your culture helps you tremendously in gaining higher pedestals in profession and passion.

7. CONFIDENCE BUILDING strategies, discerning strictly from overconfidence and false pride.


9. How to create an EVER-EXISTING AURA around you making you a MAGNET TO SUCCESS and UNLIMITED HAPPINESS.

10. Ways of attracting ONLY LOVE, HAPPINESS, PEACE, HEALTH and WEALTH to yourself regardless of your point of initiation.

11.RELATIONSHIP management in both your personal and professional spheres.

All these techniques and strategies are firmly based upon practical application of spiritual learnings imbibes through PRODUCTIVE PAGEANTRY, founded by Dr. Shivangi, introduced on the prestigious platform of TEDx. Productive Pageantry is a beautiful amalgamation of LIFE PRINCIPLES with PAGEANTRY techniques, enhancing one's persona INSIDE-OUT. 

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Firm Profile

QITM is engaged in conducting series of sessions and workshops all over the nation as well as on invitation basis, to spread awareness amongst groups of women keen on revolutionising their lives to attain perfection in their being, both in mind and body.



The era of saints decked up in priestly clothing is no longer entertained. The initiative aims at introducing the ordinariness of a simple indian woman empowering the speciality in not so special simple indian women worldwide, even while being engaged deeply in their families and professions simultaneously. It embarks spiritual ignition in practical living to attain heights of self while staying attached to the whole system of living. 


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