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Back to blog - - Constructive Feedback or Cyber Bullying - Constructive Feedback or Cyber Bullying

They are the weakest cowards who just hide behind the mask and tell the shit about yourself. If they are your friends or ur well wishers, do they really need to hide their identity to say something constructive about u?

Do we really need validation from anonymous, who are just frustrated?

Are we being sensible while posting something for someone just because we are having a weapon of hiding our identity just to see the tolerance of someone or just to enjoy the degree of harassment we have created in someone's life? I m saying this because I have been witnessing msgs of many of my friends through different social medias that how those so called constructive messages harming the self esteem of someone who are in the hope that they will receive something positive most probably their good deeds or areas of improvement or their admiration.

According to me those are more of hate messages which are being posted to torture. Basically when we don't have guts to say something to someone, we need the mask which

It's obvious when something new and sensational coming out in the era of Internet, we all will be curious to know where we stand according to others. But when we see the direct attack on our self esteem we feel like broken. And we find the easy solution, just to remove the account. But are we really able to erase those backbiting of us from our memory? No, we can't...No one can.

Do we know the meaning of "Sarahah"? It's an Arab word, and it means "Honestly", yes, it does not mean hurting someone or being rude to someone. Here the real meaning of Sarahah went on becoming the vehicle for the anonymous mostly the hater to drive their frustration. It is just a new version of Cyber bullying. Which is the cause of anxiety, worry and frustration.

Free Advice : If you are a person who gets affected by the bullshit of some XYZee, then Sarahah is not for you. Just stay away.

Humble Request : Buddy, This app has been developed for the constructive feedback (yes, the constructive one). There should be certaina way to let ur friend the things in which he/she should need improvement and positive feedback are always welcome. So be sensible.


Publised On: Aug 16, 2017

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