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Back to blog - Sawdhaan - India's First Ever AI Enabled Women Safety App

Sawdhaan - India's First Ever AI Enabled Women Safety App

Name of the Initiative


Name of the Initiator/ Founder

Syed Asif Sultan

Idea behind your initiative

The issue of women safety in India is not new. We all read the news of sexual assault almost every day. Everyone is aware of the issue, and everyone wants this solved once and for all. Many people have tried to come up with a solution in the form of women safety apps, and we appreciate their efforts. However, after analyzing these apps, we figured out that these apps can use lots of improvements. This was when we started working on Sawdhaan. Faced with many issues on the way, but finally, we were able to produce something that could provide a sense of security among women.

Efforts you have to put to launch this

We've worked tirelessly for 11 months straight to bring this app to reality. Too many trials and errors on the way but finally our efforts have paid.

Difficulties you have to face to shape up your idea into reality

All the features of the app like location, voice recording, pictures from cameras and calls to the guardians were complete in the initial 3-4 months. However, the key feature to trigger the app silently took almost 7 additional months to integrate. We had to try various methods just to integrate this. Apart from that finding right people in budget was another major challenge.

What about funding?

It's a self-funded program as of yet. We'll be approaching VCs and Investors soon. We wanted to test launch the Sawdhaan app first.

Why you think that your product is better than others which are already in the market?

There are many women safety apps available in play store. However, almost all of them require users to perform a series of steps in order to send a distress message which is not always possible in a situation of panic. With Sawdhaan we've eliminated this problem and integrated a single button push trigger that sends the SOS messages by pressing either of the volume buttons just for 5 seconds. Apart from this, we're the first women safety app to use artificial intelligence that'll play a significant role in combating the issue of Women Harassment.

Your future goals

Although Sawdhaan is India's first ever AI enabled women safety app. The next step involves a complete implementation of Artificial Intelligence to save women from any kind of assault.

What do u think of women empowerment?

At Satak Support we created Sawdhaan to enable women to go out anytime to do anything they love without bothering too much about their safety as an SOS message is just a push of a button away.

What do u mean by "Gender Equality" ?

Gender Equality is a broader term and can have a lot to cover. However, in general, there are less to no limitations when men have to go out, but there are several limitations when the women want to go out. The main reason behind this behavior is the concern towards their security. Sure, we should educate men to behave, but till the time we see this change in society, we've created Sawdhaan so that parents or brothers or boyfriends or husbands can rest assured of their security.

Any message you want to convey to women community

With Sawdhaan we want to create a safer India for women where they can go out anytime knowing that their safety is just a push away.

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Publised On: Aug 13, 2018

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