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Say No to Financial Abuse

Have you ever heard about the word Financial Abuse?

Yes, it does exist...
we all are aware of the different abuses in a relationships, whether it's a physical abuse or verbal abuse or emotional abuse or sexual abuse. But financial/economic abuse is never being discussed openly.

There are many women who are experiencing this kind of abuse but never talked about that for the sake of their relationships.

Let's understand what financial abuse actually is???

Incident 1 : Your partner/cohabitant ask you for money with the terms of giving it back but that day never comes and the amount of money u landed to them just increase.

Incident 2 : Your Boyfriend asks you for money by saying that it's an emergency soon after you start dating and these emergencies pop up every now & then.

Incident 3 : Your partner/ cohabitant literally starts ignoring you or start torturing you or start emotionally blackmailing you when you don't give them the amount they desire from you.

Incident 4 : Though your partner boast about their financial crisis every time, he neither does anything to improve his financial condition by raising his capabilities nor you will find any change in his expensive lifestyle.

Incident 5 : Though he is aware that how you have managed to give him money he has asked for, from your years of savings or by selling your ornaments or something, he just doesn't care... He will demand for more. And remind you in "I-don't-give-a-damn" attitude by saying that he had not forced you for money have just asked you for that and you are the one who has managed it.

Incident 6 : He will send you on the guilt trip if you both encounter the situation where this matter of money you have given him whenever he wants appears, he will threaten you to leave you by saying that it's the matter of trust and understanding. And you have done a drastic mistake by saying this. Again he will does the fake promise to give your money back soon anyhow  but just to make you feel guilty and that "soon" also will never come again.

Incident 7 : Your partner/ husband will force you to choose either a family or career. And if you manage to find work from home or work part time he obstructs the way of her career by forcing her to stay home or giving an ultimatum around quitting the job or ending the relationship.

Incident 8 : Women should have to show the bill of all the expenses she made and must have to take permission of her partner before spending a single penny from her earnings. Even her bank accounts, credit cards and other forms of savings are under his control too.

Incident 9 : Though your partner knows that you are financially dependent on him, he denies financial support. Even does not take care of your basic necessities.

Incident 10 : He is not earning anything but take charge of the all the finances. He will take control of every expenses and  force her to work more harder.

Incident 11 : Some men want to be controller and want their women to stay at home and just ignore her wish to be financially independent and the best trick to do it by having the forced family where she can never be able to restart her career because of the responsibilities she has to bear being a mother.

"All the mentioned incidents are red signals... If you are going through any of this, then be alert. Any of these listing behavior is the violation of basic rules being in a relationship."

You are not raising this point in front of him just because you don't want to feel him uncomfortable or you don't wish to have bitterness in your lovely relationship but here you have to understand that in healthy relationship people talk on both the good and the difficult things. Let him understand that you love him the most and ready to share your part of share being in a relationship. Even you are more than happy to help him in his odd & difficult situation but asking for money again & again without just taking care make her feels uncomfortable and it may challenge your healthy relationship and growing doubts about the fair relation. If he really loves you then he will take care and listen to u patiently and if does not and start blaming you or getting angry or hurt you then my dear friend you have to think again on holding on this man... Gone are the days when women used to be GOLD-DIGGERS, news force of men Gold-diggers are there to snatch away everything from you and leave you helpless.

Written By Dr Manisha Vaja 


Publised On: Jun 08, 2018

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