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Should I donate my Eyes?

I love my eyes. People do say that I have beautiful eyes. And when I heard this I found myself out of this world. I think it is a best gift God has given me. But wait why I am praising myself. Yes I do have an intention behind this. When I got to know about world organ donation day on 13th august, I could not stop myself to know more about this.

I do afraid of donating me eyes as there are many myths associated with eye donation.

Myth 1 - If I donate eyes, it will leave holes in the place where eyes existed and will cause face disfigurement.

Truth - in reality, only the cornea of the eye is removed and thus there is no disfigurement of the face or hole is left behind.

Myth 2 - If I donate my eyes, I will be born blind in the next life.

Truth - This is a total misconception, no religious book ever supported that and there is no written evidence about this. Eye donation is a very noble cause and as they say good always begets good. All religions endorse eye donation as noble deed and one of the best donation one can ever make.

Myth 3 - How my relatives and parents would react if I pledge my eyes for donation?

Truth - You must realize that a little hindrance should not refrain you from doing this good deed. In fact, instead of giving up you should try to convince and rather motivate your family for pledging their eyes as well.

Myth 4 - a person with a previous history of cataract or glaucoma cannot pledge his or her eyes for donation. Or, a person is very old and thus not a suitable candidate for eye donation.

Truth - if a person has been operated and treated for cataract or glaucoma, he or she can be considered for eye donation. Furthermore, there is no age limit for eye donation. Practically, anyone above one year of age can donate their eyes without any upper age limit.

It is not easy for me to make my dear ones convince and make them understand the actual fact of deciding that I want to donate my eyes.

About 50,000 people die every year in India awaiting organ donors. Only 3% of patients awaiting a kidney transplant actually get one. 100,000 people are on the waiting list for corneal transplants at any given time. They pray & wait for some miracle.

I want to help one of them who are battling a fatal condition called waiting for you to donate organs for them.

I want to be alive after my death by giving a gift of sight. And I have pledged my eyes.

Make a difference in someone’s life.

And I am sure after reading this my dear ones surely permit me to do so. I alone can make this decision but I want them to be happily agree.

Along with your eyes there are many organs which you can donate like -

1. Kidney

2. Lungs

3. Heart

4. Liver

5. Pancreas

6. Cornea

7. Small Intestine

8. Skin tissues

9. Bone tissues

10. Heart valves

11. Veins

How and where to donate organs

Top NGO’s of the country are involved in organ donation like : - 

  • Mohan Foundation
  • Gift Your Organ Foundation
  • Shatayu
  • Gift A Life

Publised On: Aug 12, 2015

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