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Struggle Of Survival With Every Transition

Every transitions shook me to the core.

Every transition is not always easier.

Belief on yourself, your talent, your positive attitude don't work always.

Every time, transition does not lead the one into rebirth.

For me, most of the Transitions  were uncomfortable ends which were forcefully followed by the hope of new begining.

I was wondering  transition should be in our hand only. It should not be forced by situations, or by persons or by unavoidable circumstances.

I have heard the quote somewhere that

"Transition is often more about unlearning rather than learning."

But Every time I got to learn a new lesson through this transition. I always think I would be more mature after this transition & will survive other upcoming transitions easily but up to this point I have not reached to this "I have been mature enough" phase.


Every time I felt I will not survive with this one as it was neither a stable nor an orderly transition.

And believe me ,my every transition was serious enough  to  alter my existence, my identity, my views....

My transitions were not only my adjustments, they were heart wrenching experiences which were capable enough to give up.

I feel harassed by these transitions in life not because I can't accept the change but I afraid to give up on my piece of self. Which is very close to me & which is the part of my being.

I am not saying that I don't want any transition, but I don't want my previous transitions get affected by the new unwanted, non demanded, surprisingly arrived transitions of life. ( I know I am being sarcastic here.)

For me, Transition is troublesome & different from change which is mostly less predictable and in Intangible form.

Publised On: Feb 16, 2018

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