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Thank Your Buddy

 "Buddy" - A Best Friend

The other soul, which is very close to our heart.

We all have at least one best buddy, with whom we can laugh, cry, share stupid things, have ridiculous conversation for long hours. They are the one who knows us what we are in actual sense, what we always try to keep secret from others. Our loyal supporter who always give us an honest opinion. From where you will surely get the totally new perspective of what you are stuck in.

Sometimes in the race of life with all their ups and downs, that angel also need a support, when he/she is trying so very hard to get back to normal in their mental distress seeking emotional support. They need an assistance to overcome from that dilemma. At that time you can not see your buddy struggling there alone, you want to help them out, even you have tried to do so, u have failed. As you are not the professional one who can guide or assist.  You need a specialist, who can better understand the situation and help your buddy to recover.

That's why we want to make you aware of  the special campaign called "Thank Your Buddy". This campaign is an effort to help your buddy who is in a need of emotional support. You can support your buddy by gifting him/her a consultation, who is in distress and can spread the happiness. This campaign is introduced by Mentagram, which  is an innovative, first of its kind mobile application for connecting mental health professionals with clients in India. It integrates psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors on a single platform.

Mentagram is a mobile app that allows users to seek information, have virtual consultations, seek psychological assessments and get medicines. It provides an end to end solution to the user.

Say a small Thank you to your buddy and pledge your support to emotional health by clicking simply on the below link.


Curious to know more about Mentagram? Here are some links for you to better know it.

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Publised On: Aug 26, 2016

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