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The Brutal Realities of Being a Woman on Social Media

You may be surprised by reading this heading and the thought could have been flashed in your mind that what is the purpose behind this topic? As we are living in digital era, social media affect the person’s life. And for the women, these are the most threaten platforms for personal and professional life.

You know what? Women are getting judge by society more than the men. Her cloths, her attitude, her photographs, her status, her look, her words and each and every single activity of the women are analyzed by the society. And the social media are the platforms from where these kind of stuff can be gathered for the gossiping. And criminal kind of things is also being done against the women. Photographs of the women, messages of the women or any other stuff are being missing used by the criminal minded people. This kind of activity can be mental harassment for the woman. 

Worst case scenario is that even woman doesn’t stand by the other woman in actual need. They also start gossiping for the other woman without actually knowing the truth.

On the other hand social media platforms can be voice raiser. Many mobile apps and platforms are developed specially for the women to share their experience or any wrong thing which has been happened with them. Marching can be taken place socially on social media. Moreover social media can be the earning platform for the women. If any woman is keep updating her profile frequently then it doesn’t mean that she is passing the time on social media. (Piss your thoughts off if you are also thinking the same!!!)

Those platforms can be the revenue generator for the 21st century women. I am digital marking professional and food blogger and earning $$$ with using various kind of social media. 

But sadly, social media are mostly used as harassment platforms against the women. This is the worst face of the society that the people get affected more by the negativity rather than the positivity.

We can hope for the better use of social media for the women by the women, social media can be the strength of the women. Let’s do it. Let’s start from today.

Be Actively Social <3




Publised On: Mar 09, 2017

Khushboo Lalani Jain

Author: Khushboo Lalani Jain


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