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Trupti Naikare

Trupti Sanjay Naikare


Pursuing BAMS final year

Work Profile


Name of your Venture/Firm/Initiative

Antenatal Care SmartPhone Application

Brief profile of your Venture/Firm/Initiative

So ANC is a preventive pregnancy care given to a mother during her pregnancy period. In developing countries like India, many women die due to absence of this basic care during pregnancy, and this percentage is 20% compared to the world population. My idea was to give this basic care at tip of finger and so this application was developed. We had a topic in our BAMS third year called 'obstetrics and gynecology'. So I collected all the necessary data from various text books and selected minimum information required to know by a pregnant women. I processed over this data and then designed this app. Then I presented this application and its utility in 'Maharashtra state Inter University research convention- Avishkar 2017'. This project has won that competition in humanities field.

About the Application 

It is available in Android, IOS, Dekstop and in Windows. Till now more than 500+ downloads are done. And it is having ratings of 4.2 stars.


- Due Date Calculator

- Pregnancy Planner

- Labour Process

- Month wise Diet & Supplements,

- Ayurvedic Medicines 

- Normal & abnormals in Pregnancy

- Harmful OTC DRugs

- Yoga in Pregnancy

- Emergency Number Dial

- When to Call a Doctor

Benefits :

- It spread Awareness of Ante Natal Care

- It educates women for emergency management.

- Its free of Cost

Mention your struggle which you have to face to start your venture

So basically being medical student,I had no idea of how the app is developed,But there are some platforms where we can make an app without prior knowledge of coding and app development. so using them I made this thing into reality,My sister is a software engineer she also helped me during this.

From when you have started your Journey as an entrepreneur

I started this whole journey in my third year. I selected this topic because I wanted to use my medical knowledge and make a thing that will make a difference in society. and women is a backbone of our society. Her health should be our priority

Describe family support

My mother encouraged me throughout this process and she also provided the financial support.

Your Dream

In future I want to get my degree and further study Public health. My dream is to provide basic health to everyone. And as women are the backbone of society educating women,improving their health will ultimately create a healthier world and healthy generation. In future I would love to work on these problems and find a better solution on it.

Are you happy choosing your way to be an entrepreneur?

Yes. Because this is the way where I can use my knowledge and contribute to help our society at the same time.

Difficulties you have to face being a woman in your field

We live in a country where smartphone is not accessible to everybody,specially women in rural area but that was the real problem, but I thought this is just an initiative, with the use of this application I am able to reach at least few of them who have smartphone. and seeing the recent scenario in future,possibility of smartphone users may increase,and so my application. other basic problems were development of app,Selection of proper data or content in the application.

What do you think about necessity of empowerment of woman

Women should take proper education, because only education will give her power to think over her health,and why her health is an important issue and that should be her priority. Because healthy mother means a healthy family,healthier society and better world

Any special comment you want to convey to women who are following you

Women's heath should be her priority. and this will happen with taking proper education.

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Publised On: Sep 14, 2017

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