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Stipator means Bodyguard

It is designed to help working women feel secure and safe while they commute.

It has four main features

-          SOS

-          Book Cab

-          Track me

-          Home to office

It works with windows phone

Download size : < 1 Mb



Stay Safe! turns your smartphone into a discreet personal safety device

3 Clicks or a shake to call for help, wherever you are...

On shaking the device, or clicking the POWER Button three times in succession; it sends

-An automatic text msg/sms and/ or an email to your contacts with your name & voice recording

-Your exact location

-The battery of your phone


It can be used to keep trusted friends informed of your location when traveling to a new city or staying out late.

-It sends an alarm via sms to one or more trusted friends

-It records a video which can serve as a digital witness when no live witnesses are around

-The message that your friends receive includes location information to help them get possible help for you.


Mother’s World

It is a personalized pregnancy APP which gives a would be mom a regular updates as your pregnancy progresses.

The info given has been endorsed by medical experts.

Supported to Android Phone


English Hindi Dictionary

It is a very useful APP which helps to reduce the hardship in finding out Hindi meaning of English words & vice versa.

It works on -  Android, Iphone, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry & all major java supporting platforms


Period Tracker

It is the easiest way to track your periods.

Press a button at the start of your period every month.

Period Tracker logs your dates & calculates the average of your past 3 months menstrual cycles to predict the start date of your next period.

View your current and future period dates, ovulation and fertile days, your moods and your symptoms in a simple month-view calendar.



The smartphone application, Sentinel, can call your friends and family in case of danger and point them to your location. It works in multiple scenarios and can function without being manually triggered.

The intelligent application can send out alerts even if the attacker forcefully destroys the phone.

The application triggers an alert even if the user is not connected to the internet by sending an sms with location to the server.

The alerts consist of the last known location, time and direction with tracking information to see live data from the phone and pin point the location of the phone.



It Is a the best app for people who love to cook.

There is always a question which irritates ladies most , what to cook today?

Well this app gives you a fresh recipe every day.

It ia compatible with iphone



Sometimes it is a tough task for a woman to decide which task she should give priority.

This app is for you Ladies.

It lets you prioritize your tasks through a hierarchy system.



This app allows you to take photos, store pictures, write notes and record voice memos.

It helps you remember everything from your daily life to other important tasks you can sync it with your computer and add a favorite photo or recipe in it.






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