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Vinal Patel

Vinal Patel


Fashion designer

Work Profile

Founder & Director of "Aashray Foundation"



Having Kids or not


Name of your Venture/Firm/Initiative

Aashray Foundation

Brief profile of your Venture/Firm/Initiative

Aashray Foundation A ray of compassion and kindness Women. Youth. Empowerment. Small acts when multiplied by like-minded compassionate youth can help bring a big change. It can transform the world to make it a better place to live in. Aashray Foundation has laid its inception upon reaching out to the young and old, both alike, in vulnerable times of their needs and desires and accomplish a compassionate donation of kindness and empathy.

Ashray Social Welfare Foundation established in 2018 is a Non-profitable Organisation entrenched with humanitarian objective of serving the poor and downtrodden in rural areas. Aashray Foundation, a ray of compassion and kindness reaches to the less privileged to share not just necessary articles but also lends a listening ear to those who yearn for family and friends.

Vinal Patel, Founder-Director, a Fashion Designer from NIFD, Vallabh Vidyanagar, is a soft-, spoken, petite, self -driven philanthropist. She always leads forward to do fieldwork with the support of her husband, Mr Nilesh.Patel. AF is lead by her compassion and commitment to society. Vinal Patel is deep rooted with such generosity, kindness and well -being for fellow humans through her grassroots experience of parental involvement towards society. She fondly recalls her parents donating and reaching out unconditionally to the distressed and destitute. She is woven with generous anecdotes since her childhood. Vinal Patel believes in the philosophical approach of Joseph Addison " The three grand essentials to happiness in life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. "


The joy of Giving through meaningful charity and donations.


Aashray Foundation aims to outreach needful people to ensure a Samaritan approach towards their upliftment and fulfilment. The team Aashray Foundation has a dedicated team of trustees, associates and volunteers. We have businessmen, professors, doctors and NRI board members who have enriched our initiative with their wise expertise, guidance and timely approach. Our work We at AF believe in equal opportunity and holistic development by adopting an integrated approach in the field of education, youth welfare and women empowerment. We create awareness of health, hygiene and youth guidance to redefine and make them self- reliant and self -sufficient for a bright and healthy future. Our service We are deeply instilled with "Service before Self" to shoulder our mission towards upliftment and fulfilment. We usher outreach programs and activities for the society inclusive of youth, women and old. We contribute our time and service and dedicate the donations from around the world through personal contacts which are received through social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. We also welcome generous donors to lend an extended helping hand to achieve our mission and truly be "A Ray of Compassion and Kindness".

Mention your struggle which you have to face to start your venture

People were not taking my intentions seriously as I was so young when I’ve started this. They were thinking like I’m wasting my time and I should enjoy my life rather than doing these social activities. Even when I went to see and meet my lawyer very first time just to get information about how would I register my foundation. he was trying to earn money from me as he were like I don’t know what to do and how to do.

From when you have started your Journey as an entrepreneur

At the age of 24

Describe family support

My husband is very supportive as without his support it wouldn’t be possible. Running with An NGO is time & money consuming but he’s always there to support in every possible way.

The reaction of your family/friends or well-wishers about choosing your passion

Some of friend and family were happy and supported me in this and some of were thinking that I’m wasting my time. I should have a bright future and earn money, good holidays and happy life rather than doing these silly things.

Your Dream

I want every woman to be independent.

Are you happy choosing your way to be an entrepreneur?

Very happy and satisfied.

Difficulties you have to face being a woman in your field

Sometimes men think that if they have power and money than they can do anything they want. But what I never gave up on anything. I did and do whatever I wanted to. Being a woman is a power, not a weakness.

What do you think about the necessity of empowerment of woman

Being a woman you’ve to be strong and stubborn enough about what you want.

Any special comment you want to convey to women who are following you

Be yourself, the world will adjust.

Publised On: Dec 18, 2018

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