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Woman Achiever - Meena Mehta

We have become bold enough to talk about periods and hygiene of girls. there are many NGOs working on this matter to educate girls, mostly the underprivileged girls. But does it really worth?

Spreading awareness is good but real help is to go to them and help them deal with it. Okay, once those girls know about taking care of personal hygiene, what's next? Do they or their family capable enough financially to buy pads every month? Even there are families, who cannot afford to buy undergarments for every member of family. How many of us has thought of that?

Meena Mehta, a 60 years old lady  from Surat is spreading awareness of personal hygiene and health among underprivileged girls in the city by distributing hygiene kits and sanitary napkins to 4000 girls of 40 municipal schools and 18 slums of Surat every month without fail without the tag of NGO, without any banner or stage or any spotlight from last 4 years as a name of " Manuni". She has started this initiative with the help of her husband Atul Mehta , who has given her 25,000 to start a noble cause. Manuni is purely a self funded initiative and  they are utilizing their life-long savings for this purpose.

She gives a kit named "MAGICAL KIT"  to every girl which contains a sanitary napkin pack, soap, one set of inners, brush and four shampoo packets per month.

It takes 2-3 hours a day to visit and distribute kits in each school. Her family helps her making and packing the kits.

Inspiration :  Mrs Sudha Murthy  a social worker and the chairperson of Infosys Foundation, sent four trucks of sanitary napkins to Chennai as relief supplies in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. And she that time decided that whenever she will start social work in life it will involve distributing sanitary napkins among less privileged girls,”

Her work does not end only by giving kits but she make them understand how to maintain hygiene during periods and make them take an oath to use the kit & how to dispose it after using. The school has noticed that their dropout ratio has been decreased because their parents used to forced them not to attend the school after they got puberty. Now they know that they will get this kit every month and it will be given to the one who will attend the school without missing as Meena Dadi can come on any day.

We asked her which force drive her to do this work dedicatedly, She replies,

"Their love and satisfaction in their eyes is the motivation. They hug me and kiss me and sometimes burst in tears of happiness I feel if I won't do it who else will be."

Manuni & Meena Mehta has been featured in different medias for their exceptional work. She is getting help from individuals showing their support to reach to more girls. For that

Meena  Mehta has created a sanitary napkins and undergarments bank that accepts contributions from people. Her only condition is that good quality napkins and new undergarments must be given. Or one can adopt 2 girls for their hygiene needs.

Meena Mehta has started by distributing the kits among five girls but is today working for more than 4,000 girls and women. She wants to achieve the goal of reaching to 50 schools by this year.

she took permission from the Surat Municipal Corporation to distribute sanitary napkins in municipal schools, where most of the girls come to study from the slums in the city. She herself make sure to distribute the kit to every girl. She is taking care of giving extra kit to girls to use it in their vacation too.

Along with the Magical Kit she is distributing "TINI-MINI KIT" to girls between 4 to 11 which includes one set of inners ,tooth brush & tooth paste to create awareness about cleanliness in children's mind. And " Happy Mumma" Kit which includes 2 nightwear, 2 underwear, 1 pck of sanitary pad, 1/2 kg ghee, 1/2 kg jeggary, 6 langots, 6 zablas & 4 baby wraps to the women who has given birth to the new born baby to take care of their health.

Message :

Helping someone is not a rocket science. You can start from the base. If u really want to see the change than be the change. And try to be honest by continuing it in what you are doing.  You can start with the lady who works at your house as well. Don't give false hope to needy one. Do it from your heart. 

You can give your bit to support the noble cause. The magical Kit is of 60 Rs & Tiny Mini Kit is also of 60 Rs and Happy Mumma Kit is of 300 Rs.

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Publised On: Mar 25, 2017

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