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Woman Achiever - Miloni Makwana

Miloni Makwana


Currently studying in 12th Arts

Work Profile

Writing articles and speeches

Name of your Venture/Firm/Initiative

I am an authour of a book - Parenteen

Brief profile of your Venture/Firm/Initiative

Parenteen is a book based on Parents and teenagers, written by me, available in English and Gujarati. Parenteen throws an insight in the parent-teenager relationship, the problems faced by them and some very small tips and compromise that could be used to prevent the widening of generation gap. Also, Parenteen is a book written by a teenager and so it provides a light on the thinking of the teenager and their perspective towards this relationship. It is not a guide book but a reflection of a teenager's thought and opinions, that if read and understood could solve many issue.

Mention your struggle which you have to face to start your venture

Writing a book was very different and difficult from writing articles and speeches. This journey taught me many life lessons and i have had good as well as bad experiences. I faced a lot of problems regarding getting a publisher as it was my first book and getting it translated in Gujarati was not an easy task. There were a lot of grammatical errors, which ruined the essence of the book. Also, while giving it for printing, there were a lot of typing errors that had to be corrected and I used to stay awake every night till 1:30 am to do those corrections. Further, I had my exams, unit test and other academic load which could not be compromised and that also got added on my pile of work. There were times when I failed, and had given up but it was dream that was bigger than my problems and so I continued to work until my dream became a reality.

From when you have started your Journey as an entrepreneur

I started writing my book at the age of 15 after I completed my 10th std.

Describe family support

I got all the support that I could ask from my family. Without them my dream of PARENTEEN would have never been possible. Especially, my dad was my biggest support and help, who invested all his time and support for my book and who motivated me whenever I was down and could not find solutions to my problems and supported me at every step. And most of all they believed me and always had faith in me, even when I did not have faith in myself. Parenteen is the result of the support and environment at my house and my family.

Reaction of your family/friends or well wishers about choosing your passion

My friends have been very supportive and were always there to help me through my entire journey in whatever way they could. There were also very happy and proud after I wrote my book and I got a lot of compliments from readers which was very motivating.

Your Dream

The aim of my book - Parenteen is to create more meaningful and better relations between parents and teenagers and I as a teenager wanted to bring a small change in the society, if not something big but a small initiative from my side that would bring a positive change in the society. Also, I have a dream of working for the society more than just making a career for myself. I want to work for the people and do all that i can do for the society and country.

What do you think about necessity of empowerment of woman

Women empowerment is not just a corporate terminology and it starts from the house itself. Girls, ladies and women have to taught their rights and should be given the choice at every step in their lives, just like the boys. According to me, women empowerment is not a fight to prove men and women equal, but to recognize the women race and give them equal opportunities in life, instead of being biased and defining only specific roles and tasks. Any country cannot just work on the male community, and women play an equal role for the development of the same. Therefore, the more empowered women, the faster the development of the country.

Any special comment you want to convey to women who are following you

My message to all the women is you have all the power and strength you need within you, just let that strength come out. Never get suppressed by anybody and keep facing the torture that women all these years have. You are not born to just look after the house and do the housework, and never let anyone make you feel weak and controlled. Never tolerate any injustice done to you and always stand up for what is right even though if it needs that courage to standing alone and finding against your own people. The only person who could stop you from achieving your dreams is you, never let that happen. You the strength and the future of this country, let's make sure it shines...

Publised On: Sep 18, 2017

Miloni Makwana

Author: Miloni Makwana



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