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Woman Achiever - Poonam Tejwani

Was it easy for the lady to start her studies after two decades, when she was having a daughter for whom she was in search of good institution?

Was it easy for her to wear a uniform and attend the classes daily with her mates who were half of her age?

Was it easy for her to prepare her notes after having the tiring day with the responsibilities of a family?

No, at all. It was not an easy task. Though she dare to make a conscious decision  to start her studies with just a sudden inspiration.

Someone has said it right that Age can not be a barrier to your dreams.

Today, we are having an amazing lady Poonam Tejwani, who has been awarded by the National National record for being an Indian Mother who graduated with her daughter. (Mother Daughter Graduate Together)

Poonam Tejwani , who is a mother of a son who is 23 years old, and a daughter who is 21 years old having responsibilities of the family, she managed to balance a life where she was regularly attending college and catered the best to her family after 22 years of long gap. She has not only completed her bachelors of Arts (Major Economics) but stood in the top 5 students at the university.

She has grabbed the opportunity to restart her studies as in spite of being a scholar, she had to discontinue her studies due to the new life and new responsibilities that came after her marriage.

when she told her desire to restart her studies, her family has welcomed her decision whole heartedly.

But she wanted to make sure that was it ok for her daughter, Anita Tejwani to go to college everyday with her mom as she did not know how she would react on this. But her daughter gave her full support and took her mom's decision so positively that it would be a great thing even for her to attend the college with her mom.

Then this mother- daughter pair has been known as an unique pair who has finished their bachelors together. They also have received many recognition and appreciation from various media. She has become the inspiration to thousands of ladies out there who have to left their studies because of their person reasons.

Our sole intention behind featuring her here is to give a hope to a woman, who rise up everyday with a plan to start which she has to left and just put that plan aside because of the fear of what others will  react or how I can do this?

We just want to urge her to follow her heart and give her dream a chance.



Publised On: Sep 15, 2016

Anita Tejwani

Author: Anita Tejwani

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