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Women Achiever 6

Nipa Patel is a Gujarat based Social Reformer.

She is a Chairperson of Nivedita Foundation which she has founded in 2009. Nivedita Foundation is a registered public trust based in the city of Anand, which aims for the betterment of education and bright future for the children, mainly less privileged. Inspired by the works and life of Mother Teresa, they track console and fund more than 6000 students of 15 government primary schools in the district. The foundation wants to break the cycle of a farmer’s son going back to the farm as a daily wages worker using innovative social tools. Nivedita Foundation’s goal is to help every child to get the chance to live healthy and productive life through good education.


By profession Nipa Kamal Patel is an Interior designer working with her husband and his architect son for their company KPA Design Studio based in Anand, Ahmedabad and now UK. She has work upon intensively with her team to give Manhattan its top most high end restaurant. Naturally her backbone is her family, friends and her renowned architect husband Kamal who motivates and standby her with similar intension.

Many do give such humanitarian service but what makes her special is that she penetrates into the hearts of  the children instantly on her very first encounter with them. The big loving and pure smile she is being gifted by Almighty to her glowing beauty and confident persona, brings in effortless rendezvous with them.

She Portraits the living example of growing confidence amongst the less privileged children in rural segment of Anand District.

Nivedita Foundation’s goal is to help every child to get the chance to live healthy and productive life through good education. Inspired by a work and life of ‘Mother Teresa’. Nivedita Foundation is raising fund for 10,000+ students of 21 govt. schools of Anand District.

Nipa Patel single handedly goes as a field worker to all the schools regularly, teaching them English and computer, speaking with the teachers as well as the child’s mother and liaisons with the government officials.

NF’s dream is to increase literacy rate from 65% in India. Recently Nivedita Foundation has launched it's website by the great Indian film actor and politician Paresh Rawal. Future activities of NF are ‘Mission Shoes’, ‘Light weighted school bag’, ‘Clear Nation’, ‘Traffic Manners’, ‘Higher Education’ and ‘Dignity Uniform’.

She thinks that you need to empower yourself that is the basic necessity. No one can empower you if you do not respect yourself. In every woman there is some creativity and talent she just have to recognise it and step out to empower herself.


Publised On: Apr 28, 2016

Nipa Kamal Patel

Author: Nipa Kamal Patel



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