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Back to blog - Women Cry A Lot - My Reasoning Being A Woman

Women Cry A Lot - My Reasoning Being A Woman

Every woman is wrong until she cries, and then she is right, instantly....

This quote on this morning inspired me to write what I feel when I am crying.

And I am sure it's just not only me, who cry over small things according to other's point of view.

People who are very close to me are knowing the fact that I cry a lot.

Yes, I cry. and I don't want to blame my hormones or any biological or scientific reasons. Even I don't agree when my dear one tells me that I Think much, when he sees me crying. I don't cry because I am thinking much or I want sympathy from anyone or I want to establish the fact that I am right.

I cry because I belong to a very sensitive gender, who thinks from heart not by brain. I am very emotional and I express my emotions through different gateways. And crying is one of them.  

There are different situation arising in my daily life and I am tackling it by my own way. It includes variety of incidences in which some of them are happy moments and others are off course not so favorable.

I cry when I feel overwhelmed or feeling extremely blessed. I cry when I am stressed out & I can't get what to do next.

I cry when I get hurt. I cry when I cannot make that particular person understand his/her worth. I cry when I feel that I m being insulted and cannot fight back because sometimes I don't want to cross the limits in relations. I cry when I push myself hard to accept things which are not at all acceptable regarding my point of view. I cry because sometimes it's surprising & even shocking for me that how one can behave beyond my imagination.

There are many times when I feel I should not cry by frustrating myself as it won't make any difference to the other person but I cannot help it. Crying is a therapy for me. I feel good and relaxed after crying.

I am happy that I can cry as I don't want to be a emotionally repressed person. I feel relieved from inside after crying.

I want to tell everyone specially my fellows from Mars that crying is normal. Do let it come out. It's not at all like "Men Don't Cry", they do cry.

Publised On: Jan 03, 2017

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