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Women-Only Transit, a safer way to use public transportation

There are thousands of women working and using local transport to reach to their destinations. And buses are the most used mode of transportation as it offers cheaper way. And women are in majority to use this transportation.

But there are several issues they have to face everyday like staring, eye teasing, horrific groping & touching, passing unwanted sexual comments. Each incidence leave a painful experience on them. 

Many of them take stand for their safety and raise their voices against it but how long they fight for their fair share, after all it's the routine scenario. Ignoring those dishearten daily experience or choosing not to use that particular transport service are the choices left for them.

Women-only Transit is becoming a boon for women in terms of their safety measures and they are welcoming this idea with all their hearts.

We have interviewed one of the security Mahila, Chandraba Bhupatsingh Chauhan of Ladies only BRTS bus in Ahmedabad, who was the first selected from the day one this facility has been started.

She is nearly 50 years of age and she is very happy working in the buses as a security guard. She narrates that this facility has been started since 2016 0f January & there are many buses operational during office hours in the morning between 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM & in the evening between 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM in different routes and having many frequencies. The five routes identified for women BRTS buses are RTO to Maninagar, RTO to Hatkeshwar, Maninagar to Ghuma village, Iskcon Char Rasta to Naroda village and Jhundal Circle to Commerce Six Roads. These women buses would operate everyday except public holidays. Her work there in the bus is to not let enter male in the bus and to check the tickets.

"I enjoy this job very much. I see the feeling of satisfaction in their eyes. They feel secure and happy. And I really like when they remove their face masks (Dupattas) soon after entering in the bus. Some of them share their experiences which they used to face travelling by normal buses. Many passing by women also show their gratitude by waving hands. I m not young, I feel tired sometimes but their smiles boost my confidence."

- And actually I could see that happiness in her eyes.


Sometimes some annoying passenger ignore the instructions and try to get in the bus forcefully then she manages to handle it with the help of driver of the bus. Even guards of the respective bus-stop come to make the situation better, she added.

I was feeling so delighted when I came to know about this facility. Many people don't find Sex segregation on public transit cool but I totally owe it and I really wanted to appreciate the idea of Women-only Transit as I know how it feels to have something special for us to let our self esteem driven being a woman who uses public transportation. 

Publised On: Mar 23, 2017

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