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DIPTIs Dreams

Firm Name : DIPTIs Dreams

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Dipti Bhatt & Soniya Kapoor

Name of Properitor : Dipti Bhatt & Soniya Kapoor

Introduction :

Dipti Bhatt - A loving mother and a homemaker, who always had a strong desire to spread her wings and fly high. She always had the skills but did not know the ways to break the shackles of society and take a high-fly. She is 58 Years old. Lives in Surat with her Son and Daughter-in-Law. Now she has dreams of taking this venture to greater heights.

Soniya Kapoor - A business woman, a writer, publisher and a Happiness Ambassador. Soniya Kapoor is the Founder of Artson Publishing House and creator of Secret Soul Desires. Apart from running her own publishing and coaching business, Soniya helps people to start their own business and promote it online.


Service Provided :

- Dreamcatchers

- Handmade Products

- Handmade Notebooks

- Poetry Boxes


Address :

Firm Profile

Dipti's Dreams is your perfect space to get handcrafted and beautiful gift products. The foundation of Dipti's Dreams is love and it enables us to put that love in our work. A gift of love from a Daughter-In-Law to her Mother-In-Law. Their little workshop resides in their home and they work diligently and efficiently day and night to make new designs and ensure that each product is handcrafted to perfection.

Their vision behind this is to share a message that it is possible to have a healthy relationships between two women, specially DIL and MIL. And also, to share a strong message that it is never too late to work on your dreams and become independent. They currently make 20-25 Dreamcatchers every month. We plan to take "Dipti's Dreams" to a level where we make 20-25 handmade products everyday and provide employment to other women around us who may need it.

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