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Food & Mood Diet Clinic

Firm Name : Food & Mood Diet Clinic

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Whatapp No. : 9825908847

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Dr. Janki Patel

Name of Properitor : Dr. Janki Patel

Education : Ph.D. (Nutrition)

Introduction :

She has done her Research Works in -

> M.A: To popularize the fruits of Khijada Tree as unconventional Nutritive Food.

> M.PHIL:  A study of legal awareness of undergraduate students of faculty of home science, baroda regarding property inheritance, dowry prohibition and consumer practices.

> Ph.D: Role of diet in the life of Mentally Stressed people of Ahmedabad city.

Present work 

@ Practicing Nutrition Consultant at Dr. Prashant Bhimani’s ‘Healthy Minds’ since 2005. 

@ Dietician at Anantaa Wellness, Ahmedabad since 2011.

Gujarati Publications on Foods, Nutrition and Health

1. 'Aahar aayojan’ (Co-Author) 1993

2. 'Aahar Vigyan’ (Co-Author)1991

3. 'Gruh sathi’ (Co-Author) 1993

4. 'Food Fundas for Health’, 2011

5. 'Women, Weight loss and Wellness’ 2012

6. 'Diet for Disease’ 2013

7. 'Fit Pregnancy’ – Translation of book by Namita Jain, 2013

8. '9 to 5 Fit’- Translation of book by Namita Jain, 

9. ‘Weight Loss ane Dieting na Doubts’, 2015

All her books are available at her Clinic.

10. WEIGHT LOSS ANE DIETING NA DOUBTS - Her latest publication in Gujarati. A book which reveals truth about weight loss process and clears myths and misconceptions of the same.


Service Provided :

> Customized diets for Weight Loss.

> Diet for Menopausal & Post-Menopausal women for Special Nutritional needs.

> Therapeutic diet for Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis, Gout, Thyroid, Osteoporosis, High Cholesterol etc.

> Diet for school going Toddlers / Children / Teenagers.

> Facility of Online Consultation.


She organizes Nutrition Awareness Seminars for Schools including Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary.

She plans weekly diet/snacks/meals for school children by giving Menus & Recipes.

She organizes Diet & Lifestyle Awareness for children specially for parents.

She is looking forward to plan Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition Awareness seminars for Corporate Offices.


Special Nutrition Counseling for school children and parents 

(Starting from std.5th to 12th)
-Are you a parent worried for your child’s nutrition? 
-Do you think your son/daughter is not getting sufficient 
nutrition from daily food?
-Is your child not listening to your advice and binge on junk and 
non-nutritious foods?
Then you have reached here, at the right place… 
She is coming up with a unique project for child nutrition with following ideas…….
-For children with poor immunity or are fussy eaters
-Learn how to know your child’s nutritional needs with her guidance
-Get ideas to make your fussy child eat happily
-For athlete or sporty students of any age group: (sports nutrition)
-Planning diet for nutritional needs of specific sport/game
-Consultations with parents regarding their child’s specific needs of calorie, protein etc.
-Customized diet plan for students who aspire to progress in sports/games/athletic performance.
For parents
-Eating out smartly to give your child maximum benefits from restaurant foods
-Ideas and planning for overweight or obese adolescents. 
-Healthy school lunch options
-Consultations with parents (with or without child) for better lifestyle diet that can help grow your child in all fields.

Address :

Healthy Minds Clinic, 450-Abhishree Complex, Opp. Star Bazaar, Satellite, Ahmedabad


Customized diet plan for mentally stressed people including Anxiety Disorders, Autism and Children with ADHD.

Online Diet Counselling services.

THE ABS DIET This diet is developed by DAVID ZINCZENKO. The Abs Diet is a three-pronged attack on the abs for a flat stomach. It shows you how to lose weight through diet and exercise and how then to tone your muscles with specific abdominal exercises. The diet is straightforward and flexible, based on 12 'super-foods' that help promote weight loss, and on eating frequent small meals. She has made it simpler in Indian and vegetarian context.

DIET AS PER B M R Diet as per your calorie burn rate or Basal Metabolic Rate. One has to reduce calories according to the BMR and low BMR can be increased with right diet and exercise. No two people are same and so is their BMR. Know your BMR and get in shape.

PLATEAU and DETOX DIETS So as you lose weight, your metabolism declines, causing you to burn fewer calories than you did at your heavier weight. Your slower metabolism will slow your weight loss, even if you eat the same number of calories that helped you lose weight. When the calories you burn equal the calories you eat, you reach a plateau. Detox diet can help you here. Detox diets are also a great way to detoxify body. But they should be planned by Dietitian only.


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