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Riddhi Doshi

Riddhi Doshi

- Name

Riddhi Doshi Patel

- Education

  •  MBA (Human Resources) Bachelor of Education, Masters in Law, Masters in Dance
  • Child Psychology Certification (London) Soft Skills and Behavioural Training                         Certifications (London), 
  • Graphology (IGA- London)
  • Pursuing PhD (Dance)
  • Pursuing Dance Movement Therapy (TISS – Tata Institute of Social Sciences,                         Mumbai)

- Work Profile

I am a Professional Independent Trainer specializing in soft skills training for Personal and Self Development. I am also a trained Child Psychologist working for children’s development and have cultivated modules for their enrichment.  Additionally I am a Certified Graphologist (IGA London) and have been associated with couple of corporate establishments as a Handwriting Analyst.

- Married/Unmarried


- Having Kids or not

 Yes One Son

- Name of your Venture/Firm/ Initiative

Rhyns Academy Pvt Ltd and The Mocktail Gazebo.

Brief Introduction of ur Venture/Firm/ Initiative - I am a Professional Independent Trainer running my own training company called Rhyns Academy Pvt Ltd. We specialize in developing, conducting and supervising training programs for various clients using blended learning concepts, including stand-up and one-on-one concept.

My other venture is called the Mocktail Gazebo, where we create chemical free, au natural fruit drinks and mocktails that carry the goodness of fresh fruits with the warmth of a mother’s love.

- Mention your struggle which you have to face to start your venture

Everyday every hour is a struggle to survive. But then what is the fun if you don’t have some dogging to do! When I launched Rhyns Academy Pvt. Ltd, it was a struggle to get people to take us seriously. However, now after more than a decade I know I am a name to be reckoned with. Similarly Mocktail Gazebo is something that started from my kitchen. Juices poured into glass bottles and hand delivered to friends and family. From there we have now come to a stage where I get orders from across the country and use the services of courier companies to reach my products. A gift of love from one mother to many mothers across the country!

- From when you have started

Way back in 2002, when my best friend and I were having coffee at Barista, we overheard a conversation between a group of kids at the adjoining table.  We were shocked by the disrespectful way the children spoke about their parents while spending their hard earned money on trivial things.

We had a sudden urge to shake some sense into their heads and that's how we thought of doing something for children wherein they would learn good values. My friend was a theatre person and ran her own Art academy in Ahmedabad, while I had experience in value based training and dance. Together we launched Rhyns Academy Pvt. ltd., where we taught children good values through the medium of art and dance. Besides coaching the children, we also successfully conducted shows with dance, stories, puppetry etc sessions on etiquette and communication.

Eventually we started going to schools as well to conduct short programmes. We faced a lot of competition as we did not have enough PR. Thankfully whoever attended our sessions once spoke good about us and through word of mouth our popularity grew. Somewhere along the way my friend moved out of the initiative while I continued. The rest they say is history.

The Mocktail Gazebo happened when I was carrying my child. As a child myself I used to always like mixing fruit juices and trying out combinations while helping my mother host parties at our home back in London. I did not know that a drink made by mixing fruit juices was called a Mocktail then! After my child was born I realized that while we try our best to ensure that our children get organic, chemical free nutrition while at home; we have no control over the composition of food or drink while outside. Hence the Mocktail Gazebos, where we create chemical free, au natural fruit drinks and mocktails that carry the goodness of fresh fruits with the warmth of a mother’s love.

- Family Support

I am from a family of entrepreneurs.  My Mother being a doctor and father an engineer have always encouraged us sisters to ‘go for it’ and that's exactly what we did. I was also lucky to marry into a family that supported this spirit and not just encouraged me but also stood by me and helped me take decisions. Family support does not only mean your parents or your spouse, it also includes your in-laws, your relatives and the extended family, your house help and  every single individual who takes an extra step forward to make sure you don’t have to take one step back.

- Reaction of your family/friends or well wishers on choosing your passion

Like I said, they have all been very supportive and I am indeed blessed. They are not just supportive but are also my employees if you will! To elaborate further; my family and friends also take the guise of my PR and my Marketing team. Be it Mocktail Gazebos or the Rhyns Academy Pvt. ltd.; my family and friends actively promote my ventures wherever they go. This has helped me extend my client base and also procure positive feedback. Imagine how lucky I am to have so many people all across the world talking about and promoting my work without me having to coach them or pay them.
Jokes apart, I have always believed in the strength of good strong relationships and with God’s grace I have been blessed with wonderfully solid and warm bonds with my family and friends.

- Ups and Downs Being an entrepreneur

While entrepreneurship brings with it, its own share of challenges; I believe in celebrating the ups or successes and learning from the down or losses. Without a low, there would be no joy on reaching a high.  As with every business I have suffered a number of downs; but I have always learned to embrace it, learn from it, correct myself and move on. There is no point in harping about a loss. That only makes you lose crucial time and makes you wallow in self pity. Neither is that constructive nor is it productive. So yes, life is a roller coaster, enjoy it while you can!

- Your Dream

Oh I have many dreams and each is special and unique; however the most cherished dream currently is to see Mocktail Gazebos outlets all over the Mumbai Suburbs. An equally cherished goal is to see Rhyns Academy Pvt. ltd. be known as the ‘go to’ academy for a holistic and all round personality development. We work hard at collaborating with the best in the field; be it doctors, counselors, trainers and specialists and therefore believe that we are the right people for this sector.

- Are you happy choosing your way to be an entrepreneur?

 After all the above answers if you still have to ask me this question, it would be juxtaposition! I am more than happy; I am ecstatic actually being the way I am as an entrepreneur.

- Difficulties you have to face being a women in your field.

This is actually a myth. Women are now being taken really seriously in every area of life. We are no longer fighting for the feminist tag or fighting for recognition. This is a world of cut-throat competition and if you are good at what you do, you are lauded for it irrespective of your gender. Yes, being a woman I do have an additional set of responsibilities but I believe that all our personal and professional roles can be dealt with ease if we set our priorities right and plan our schedules well in advance.

- What do you think about necessity of empowerment of woman

Like I stated above; women empowerment comes with women emancipation. We have to set ourselves free from this myth that women still lack the power to make a difference. Look at any industry, any sector, any field and you will see women on the middle and top management. What more do we have to prove? We are already up there.. beyond this.... I don’t know.. you tell me!!

- Any special comment you want to convey to women who are following you 

Believe in yourself first. Learn to love yourself and walk with your head held high. Once you have this in place, there is nothing or no one who can stop you from growing. Your spouse, your children and your family need you; but if you aren’t there for yourself how can you be there for anyone else?

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Publised On: Oct 17, 2016

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