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Shwas Charitable Trust

Firm Name : Shwas Charitable Trust

Contact : +919825724023

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Kinjal Shah

Name of Properitor : Kinjal Shah

Education : B.E(Bio-medical engineering)

Introduction :

Kinjal Shah is a Social worker and one of the Co Founder of Shwas 

Service Provided :

Shwas is an attempt to provide safe and healthy environment to children coming from 
disadvantaged families, so that they can openly share with us the challenges they face that hold 
them back from aspiring their dreams. To ensure continuous quality education they enroll potential kids to private school.
They help them see possibilities and opportunities lying ahead in their lives.
Since, they believe in holistic growth of children; along with academics, they expose them to experiential learning by arranging excursions to ashrams, national parks and corporate trips for them.
With the focus of building healthy communities, they plant values of love, compassion and empathy through storytelling, prayers, meditation and act of sharing.
Also, they celebrate festivals, birthdays and events with them like a family.
They are an organization run and managed by volunteers. Thier volunteers come from diverse background and all of them strive to achieve their mission of inclusive education. 
In 2009 they started with teaching 4 kids. Their years of strong and dedicated efforts have startedshowing it's result slowly but steadily. Now they almost have 50 kids joining us daily.

Address :

8, Gangotri Flats Besides Passport Office, University Road, Ahmedabad

Firm Profile
Shwas was started in 2007 with a vision to educate the less privileged kids of Gulbai tekra area in 
Ahmedabad. Initially they taught them in a nearby municipal school every week for 4 hours, helping them 
in their academics. Teaching them for a longer period of time they realized that these kids have immense 
potential but they lack opportunities and they can provide them these opportunities. And hence in 2012 
they admitted 4 kids into private schools by raising funds and now they have 60 kids coming everyday out 
of which 24 kids go to private schools under Shwas. 
Future Aspects:
After working for all these years and digging deep into the community Shwas has realized that
apart from giving holistic education to children, their parents are also required to educate with
mothers being at first place. Educating mothers would solve many problems like dropping out of
girls after 8th grade, early marriage, domestic violence, lack of awareness about kid’s growth. And
hence future aspects would be increasing number of kids and educating them on daily basis,
educating and empowering mothers.



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